September 24, 2014

20 hours of Fumiya on Nico Live special broadcast

Fumiya Fujii’s special live broadcast, “20 JIKAN BUCHINUKE Fumiya Fujii TOKUBAN!”, will air on Niconico at 7:00pm Friday, September 26. The event is to commemorate Fumiya’s 20th anniversary of his solo debut. The program will delve into Fumiya’s past, just as the title states. Legendary video clips and footage from Nippon Budokan concerts will be mixed in with Fumiya’s talks. “20 JIKAN BUCHINUKE Fumiya Fujii TOKUBAN!” Broadcast date & time: September 26,... Read More

July 22, 2013

Fumiya Fujii Will Perform at Ise Jingu for the First Time as a J-Pop Artist in the Year of Shikinen Sengu.

Fumiya Fujii will be performing at Ise Jingu to sing the theme song of Ise Jingu Shikinen Sengu “Chinju no Sato”. “Shikinen Sengu” is the most important festival of Ise Jingu that has been celebrated every 20 years for 1300 years, and this is its 62nd festival. This is a cultural festival with one of the longest history in the world and Fumiya will be the first J-Pop artist to perform inside Ise Jingu. The application for the ticket lottery has been open since June 26.... Read More

July 9, 2012

Fujii Fumiya / Live Streaming of Premium Live for New Album

In commemoration of Fujii Fumiya’s long-awaited new album “Life is Beautiful” to be released in about 3 years since his last release, an invitation-only premium live is scheduled to be held on 7/11/2012(Wed). This special live will now be broadcasted live on USTREAM and Nico Nico Live. The venue for this special live is Billboard Live Tokyo in Roppongi, a place known to be suitable for quality lives. This premium live is an invitation-only live designed for a few hundreds... Read More

January 1, 2011

Fumiya Fujii

Fujii Fumiya is a male Japanese popular music artist. He started his music career in the 80’s as the vocalist of the immensely popular group The Checkers and started on his solo project after they split up. Fujii Naoyuki, his brother, was also a part of The Checkers and is pursuing a solo-career as well. Together they did the project F-Blood in the late 90’s. Next to that, Naoyuki also writes songs for Fumiya once in a while. Next to music, Fujii Fumiya is also doing... Read More