November 19, 2012

GILLE Makes Her Music Video Debut with World-famous Dancer TAKAHIRO

The music video for “GIRLS,” a track on GILLE’S first single released on October 24, is now completed, and the video has been released on Universal Music’s official YouTube channel. GIRLS Featured in this music video is TAKAHIRO, a dancer known for his performances in Madonna’s world tours and music videos. With GILLE working hard and setting her sights on the world stage, she offered a spot in the video to TAKAHIRO, who shares her ambition, which... Read More

July 12, 2012

GILLE / Digital Release of AKB48’s ‘Flying Get’ Cover

The official cover of AKB48’s ‘Flying Get’ has been digitally released for the very first time for a unit outside of the AKB-related group by a mysterious female singer “GILLE.” GILLE made her world debut in May without revealing herself and her cover video clips on her YouTube channel were viewed in 163 different countries. Among these video clips, AKB48’s ‘Flying Get’ by GILLE has the highest number of views along with comments of praise not only those in Japan... Read More

January 1, 2011


GILLE is from Miyazaki prefecture. Once she uploaded English cover version of AKB’s “Flying Get”, it gained 1.8 million views and went viral over SNS, drawing attention to her as a”a singer with a diamond voice” and leading her to major label debut with an English cover album titled “I AM GILLE.” from Universal Music. The album sold 150 thousand copies, which number is quite an achievement for a new artist, and ranked 1st in 2012 Oricon New Artist of the Year.... Read More