August 16, 2016

The Legend of Visual-Kei begins here once again “VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016 Powered by Rakuten” is officially confirmed!

Throwing down the gauntlet to the crowded festival scene The Legend of Visual-Kei begins here once again “VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016 Powered by Rakuten” is officially confirmed! Visual-kei bands from across Japan to gather at Makuhari! 3 Days, October 14th to 16th at Makuhari Messe For three days spanning the 14th (Fri), 15th (Sat), and 16th (Sun) of October, Japan’s largest convention center Makuhari Messe will be decked out in Visual-Kei. Japanese Visual-Kei rock... Read More

May 1, 2015

GLAY’s “Promised Tokyo Dome concert” to be broadcast live overseas

GLAY will hold a solo concert, “20th Anniversary Final GLAY in TOKYO DOME 2015 Miracle Music Hunt Forever”, at Tokyo Dome on May 31. The concert will be broadcast live to 50 movie theaters in Japan as well as in Hong Kong and Taiwan. New GLAY visuals were also released to coincide with this announcement. Kazuaki Seki did the artwork and also directed the music video for “HEROES”, which is their new single that will be released on May 25. Live viewing “20th Anniversary... Read More

September 10, 2014

Live Viewing of GLAY EXPO in theaters of Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

It was announced that GLAY will be holding a Live viewing broadcast of the <GLAY EXPO 2014 TOHOKU 20th Anniversary> on September 20th (Sat.) at Hitomebore Stadium Miyagi (Miyagi Stadium) to 52 theaters within the country, and also movie theaters of Hong Kong and Taiwan. GLAY had their 20 year anniversary since debut this year on 2014, and this will be the first in 10 years, awaited for a long time by everybody. The members have wanted “to make everyone in the Tohoku area... Read More

August 27, 2014

GLAY’s six-prefecture Tohoku tour ends with a Niconico live broadcast

GLAY went on a quick six-prefecture Tohoku hall tour just before GLAY EXPO in August. The tour finale, titled “GLAY LIVE TOUR 2014 TOHOKU ”, was held on August 29 at Natori Cultural Center in Miyagi and was broadcast live on Niconico. Niconico live broadcast information August 29 (Friday) 6:30pm GLAY LIVE TOUR 2014 TOHOKU “TENSHI NO AKUGI MIYAGI” live broadcast August 28 (Thursday) 6:30pm GLAY LIVE TOUR 2014 TOHOKU ... Read More

February 18, 2014

BiS Releases Music Video For “primal.2” Starring HISASHI (GLAY)

The music video for “primal.2” off of BiS’ last original album “WHO KiLLED IDOL?” (release on March 5) has been released. The song is a sequel to one of BiS’ representative songs, “primal.”, produced by Kenta Matsukuma (SCRAMBLES). With the fact that HISHASHI (GLAY) complimented “primal.” on Twitter at the time of its release, he has been chosen to make a guest appearance with his guitar works on the new song. The cameraman shot the music video alone in a... Read More

December 24, 2013

HISAISHI of GLAY to contribute to solo debut song of new voice actor, Yurika Endo

HISAISHI, guitarist of GLAY, will compose, produce, and write the lyrics for Yurika Endo’s debut song. The song will be the ending theme song for the TV anime “Z/X IGNITION” starting in January. This is the first time that HISASHI did an anime theme song and also the first time he worked with a voice actor. The new release, titled “Monochrome Overdrive” will be a digital rock tune that uses state-of-the-art technology. “Actually, I’m very shy…”, Endo said... Read More

November 29, 2013

GLAY’s Music Video For “DIAMOND SKIN” Featuring Yumiko Shaku Banned From TV In Numerous Asian Countries. YouTube Access Rises Exponentially

GLAY’s music video for “DIAMOND SKIN”, released on November 6th, has caught the attention of many. The video features an erotic love scene between the stars Yumiko Shaku and Ken Yasuda. The video was banned from the air in various Asian countries which has led to an incredible rise in number of YouTube accesses. Within 10 days of its release, the video was played more than 900,000 times. This is the fastest pace for any GLAY release to date. The big million is already within... Read More

August 7, 2013

GLAY Taiwan Concert Finale for <GLAY ASIA TOUR 2013“JUSTICE & GUILTY”>

GLAY held a final concert in Taiwan on July 6 at Nangang Exhibition Center for the tour . It is the second concert in Taiwan since GLAY last performed in 2011. GLAY played for two days at live house before, and this time was at a large arena just as fans and the band had long waited for this opportunity. The set list for the stage included ‘Yuwaku’, ‘Kuchibiru’, ‘HOWEVER’, ‘SOUL LOVE’, ‘Winter, again’ and many more from their hit songs in addition to some... Read More

June 3, 2013

MV for GLAY’s New Song, “Eternally”, Revealed

The MV for Glay’s new song, “Eternally”, has been revealed. It is the first script work for UN-JASH’s Ken Watabe, and Kana Kurashina appears as main cast. “Eternally”, is a love ballad with the memorable line (which roughly translates to), “Not in a hundred years, will my love for you change. I want to cherish it and keep walking beside you”. The MV takes “marriage” as the focal point and depicts the life of one woman as a love drama. Kurashina appears in... Read More

February 5, 2013

GLAY / First Asia Tour Starting in May!

GLAY announced the schedule for their very first Asia tour [GLAY ASIA TOUR 2013 “JUSTICE & GUILTY”] kicking off in May. On this tour, GLAY will bring their recent 2 albums “JUSTICE” and “GUILTY” simultaneously released on 1/23/2013 to 4 selected cities in Asia. The tour will begin in Hong Kong and continue on to Seoul, Bangkok and Taipei, covering 4 cities in total. For Taipei, it has been 2 years since their last live in 2011. For the rest of the cities,... Read More