September 29, 2014

go!go!vanillas Triple Big News at Solo Ust

go!go!vanillas will be distributing a Ustream program “Ready Ust-eady go!go!” starting from September 30th (Tues.). This will be their first time for the band to distribute an Ustream program alone as a band. In the program, they will announce three big news related to their first album “Magic Number” being released on November 5th, and answer to audiences’ questions through Twitter’s hashtags. Surprise events are planned during the program, and many are interested... Read More

January 1, 2011


-Their music varies from straight forward pop and rock to melancholic and nostalgic but strong and straight forward rock and pop music.- Tatusya Maki(vo/g), Keisuke Pretty Hasegawa(ba), Jet Seiya(dr), and Shintaro Yanagisawa(g) formed this rock ‘n roll band. In January 2013, their 7 inch single “Ningen Sanka/Scross the University” was released from an indie label called “SEEZ RECORDS”, which was sold out. Their album released in July was chosen as Tower Record’s... Read More