Golden Bomber, Full Release of New Song PV

The video clip of Golden Bomber’s new single “Laura no Kizudarake”, which will be released on August 20th, was completed, and the full length was released on YouTube. This single is a piece focused on “specializing on music”. The CD jacket being purely white and having neither special benefits nor attendance tickets for a handshaking event, this will be Golden Bomber’s experimental piece. Many details by the band are incorporated in the video clips, so make sure to... Read More

Golden Bomber / Ranking #1 in Austria with ‘Memeshikute’

Both English and German versions of ‘Memeshikute’ from “THE GOLDEN BEST” by Golden Bomber ranked #1 on iTunes Rock Chart for October~November in Austria. Golden Bomber made their world debut back in May and ‘Memeshikute,’ as a late bloomer, finally ranked #1 on the Austrian iTunes Rock Chart. Following the English version which ranked #1 on 10/30, the German version also ranked #1 on 11/1. In the meantime in Japan, Golden Bomber has ranked... Read More

Golden Bomber / Release of Best Album in 6 Countries

Golden Bomber’s best album “The Golden Best” will be released on 6/18/2012 worldwide. This new album will be released in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Korea and Taiwan. Each album title and included tracks will differ from one country to another, in total of 6 different CD versions. Each version comes in an enhanced CD and has a track list of 12 songs, including ‘Yowasete Mojito,’ ‘Dokugumo Onna (Moemoe-hen),’ and ‘Memeshukute.’... Read More

Last Round of Artist Lineup with DEAD END & Kyarypamyupamyu for V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11!

The last round of additional artists for “V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11,” the biggest visual rock festival in history to be held on 10/23(Sun), has been officially announced. In addition to BIG artists such as YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz(Gackt’s new band), MUCC, SOPHIA(recently reunited at Budokan live in summer) and Golden Bomber, DEAD END and Kyarypamyupamyu are joining the lineup to make it even a BIGGER lineup. You’re free to watch any stages of your choice... Read More

V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11 / Comment Clips from Participating Artists!

The participating artists have left comment video clips of their excitement and expectation for V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11 and they are now updated on the official website.  The first around of artist lineup includes MUCC, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz, MICHAEL  MONROE, vistlip, Piko, Golden Bomber and LM.C. There have been announcements of additional artists and are still more to come! SYNC MUSIC JAPAN Channel ■Ticketing Information for Oversea... Read More

V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11 / Exclusive Ticketing for Overseas Participants!

Sync Music Japan, a project organized by Japan Association of Music Enterprises (JAME), Music Publishers Association of Japan (MPAJ), and the Federation of Music Producers Japan (FMPJ) in order to expand Japanese music market to a global scale, is offering exclusive ticketing for overseas fans for “V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11″ to be held on 10/23 at Saitama Super Arena. This brilliant V-Rock festival will present a grand lineup of 30 artist units including Gackt’s... Read More

V-ROCK FESTIVAL’11 makes the 4th round of announcement for additional artists

Scheduled to be held on 10/23 at Saitama Super Arena, “V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11″ has made an announcement for the 4th round of additional artists. The additional artist lineup includes Administrator, Mix Speaker’s,Inc., Piko, Lolita23ku and SCREW. Please check the official website for details. Official Website: Twitter:!/V_ROCK_FESTIVAL Facebook: Related... Read More

“V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11” is making its comeback in fall 2011!!

With a brilliant artist lineup of more than 50 artist units including Marilyn Manson and the GazettE, V-ROCK FESTIVAL attracted a total audience of 29,000 back in 2009. “V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’09,” the biggest visual rock festival in history, is now back this year as “V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11.” This year, the venue will be changed to Saitama Super Arena with a grand lineup of Gackt’s new band “YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz,” MUCC, SOPHIA (to be revived at Budokan... Read More

V-ROCK FESTIVAL / Saitama Super Arena 10/23 / 10月23日さいたまスーパーアリーナにて開催決定

The news about “V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’11″ was announced on New Year’s Day and for this year, the venue will be changed from Makuhari Messe to Saitama Super Arena. The date has now been fixed to 10/23. The artist lineup will be announced at a later date on the official website.V-ROCK FESTIVAL recently started its official twitter, so make sure to follow it for the latest info! DATE:10/23/2011 (Sun)VENUE:Saitama Super ArenaARTIST LINEUP: TBA 元旦に、開催を発表した「V-ROCK... Read More

Golden Bomber

Vocals: Kiryuin Sho Guitar: Kyan Yutaka Bass: Utahiroba jun Drums: Darvish Kenji Golden Bomber is a visual kei band whose main concept is “Hyper-Giga-Hybrid-Super-Subculture-Visual Rock.” They are a band better classified as performers than musicians and stand out as the ultimate air band. In songs, their only true piece of music is the vocalist’s voice; the other band members do not actually play any instruments but all pretend to do so. The instrumental part of their... Read More