August 4, 2014

HaKU, 8 Hours Endurance Event at KKBOX & New Song Released

HaKU announced that as the “HaKU Day”, they will attempt on a new trial on August 9th. Collaborating with KKBOX with a service of free music, they will have an 8 hour endurance event using “Listen With”. This is a Social feature where people can listen to music with the artist at the same time and chat, and this will be KKBOX’s first time trying this out. “Listen With” will be done in 5 Asian countries (Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong), to liven up... Read More

April 17, 2014

HaKU Overwhelms Audience in Taiwan at Outdoor Festival “ROCK BANDOH!”

HaKU, who will release their second album “Symbiosis” on April 30, held their first ever performance in Taiwan on March 29. This was the third country outside of Japan in which HaKU has performed, following their shows in Malaysia in 2012 and Indonesia in 2013. They also did a release tour in Malaysia for their album “wonderland” in 2013. This time, HaKU performed at a rock festival in the city of Taipei called “ROCK BANDOH!” HaKU performed... Read More

October 3, 2013

HaKU releases newest music video shot in Malaysia

The newest music video for the four-man rock band HaKU, was released on YouTube. The entire shooting for the music video of the band’s latest track, “What’s with him”, which was included as a bonus track in “wonderland(International edition)”, their album on sale in Malaysia and Singapore, and that will be sold in Japan exclusively at concert venues and the on-line shop ASMART, was done in Malaysia. Originally, “What’s with him”... Read More

August 12, 2013

HaKU Ends First Malaysia Concert In Success: 400 Fans Sing Along

HaKU has been receiving increased attention in Malaysia with the release of their first international CD release in “wonderland (international edition)” on June 24th. Due to the success of his international release, he was invited to AIM Chinese Music Awards, which took place at KLCC Plenary Hall on July 6th, as a special guest. This is an event in which popular Chinese artists of the year are invited to compete for the most successful artist spot of the year; it is similar... Read More

June 19, 2013

The New Live Footage of “Shogai Rensa” from HaKU’s new EP “wonderland” Has Been Published

“Shogai Rensa” from HaKU’s new EP “wonderland”, coming out on June 5th, has been a radio sensation, and its live footage has been published. On the video, you can enjoy seeing the raw emotion and the energy of Haku. So, please check out the video before the EP release. The song has been chosen “music-ru TV” on TV-Asahi’s opening theme song of June. The new EP features 6 songs including “Shogai Rensa” and the first single “everything but the love”,... Read More

May 14, 2013

HaKU, Additional Show in Malaysia For This Summer’s Tour

HaKU is releasing an EP called “Wonderland” on June 5th and has announced their Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka tour for this summer. They also added a show to their tour to perform at, the Pavilion LK,Malaysia. Malaysia has loved J-ROCK and HaKU was invited to perform at the J-ROCK event “J-ROCK no Tamashii 3” and had a successful international performance before their major debut. The venue was filled with fans and even after HaKU left the stage, the fans made a long line to shake... Read More

August 17, 2012

HaKU / Live in Malaysia Prior to Debut

Prior to their debut in October with the debut album “Simulated reality,” HaKU will perform a live in Malaysia, where J-ROCK is attracting a lot of attention and support. HaKU intend to deliver the ‘newest’ J-Rock to the fans in Malaysia before their official debut. As one of the pioneer bands to deliver the best of Japanese music scene, HaKU will do their best to impress the Malaysian fans first. Live Information: “J-ROCK NO TAMASHII” Date:... Read More

January 11, 2011


HaKU is a rock band formed in Osaka in 2007. It consists of Yuki Tsujimura (vocals, guitar), Hiroshige Fujiki (guitar), Haruna Miyoshi (bass), and Shinya Hasegawa (drum). HaKU mainly performs live in the Kansai region. The band has aroused attention with Tsujimura’s unique high-pitched voice as well as its particular adherence to constructing electro sounds using the raw sounds [from their instruments]. In January 2009 the band released its first recording “White Light”,... Read More