April 12, 2013

<KAWAii!!MATSURi> Time Table Announced.

The timetable for <KAWAii!! MATSURi> held at Tokyo Taiikukan(Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium) has been announced on the official website. <KAWAii!! MATSURi> is the one and only event that draws attention from the world market for being the heaven for Japanese Pop Cultures including, Harajuku fashion Aomoji Kei (Street Casual), Idol, and Anime songs The first day focuses on Anime song and Idol performances, called “MATSURi DA TOKYO!!”. It will be like a music festival... Read More

April 4, 2013

[Live Report] Eir Aoi × Luna Haruna, Double Head Liner at Seattle SAKURA-CON Great Success

“Eri Aoi×Luna Haruna Special Live” that took place in Seattle’s animation convention from March 29th (Fri) to 31st (Sun) turned out to be a great success. SAKURA-CON held many events such as booths selling and introducing variety of anime contents, cosplay events and anime screening, panel discussion, signing autograph session by creators and artists. 70000 people attended this event making it a great success. Of all the events planned, the one that was especially... Read More

April 1, 2013

J-Pop Culture Festival KAWAii MATSURi To Be Held April 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun) at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (Sendagaya)

More participating artists announced!
 Eir Aoi plus other artists and models successively announce their participation! From anime songs and idols to aomoji-kei (Harajuku fashion-style), artists representing Japanese pop culture will do live acts and give performances nonstop for two exciting days, creating a true “MATSURi” atmosphere at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium! A fresh new kind of festival called “KAWAii!! MATSURi,” an event celebrating Japanese... Read More