August 11, 2011

Ken Yokoyama / Release of “Four” in the U.S.

Ken Yokoyama’s album “Four” released domestically in 3/2010 will now be released on 8/27 in the U.S. This album will be released through a renowned New York label, “Go Kart Records.” With a different art work from the domestic version and a bonus track of ‘Somebody Get Me a Doctor’ by BBQ CHICKENS rearranged in Ken Band’s version, this U.S. edition is bursting with its own original contents. This edition will also be available in Japan. Official Website: Myspace:... Read More

January 1, 2011


Hi-STANDARD is a punk rock band with the members of Akihiro Namba (Vo/B), Ken Yokoyama (G/Vo) and Akira Tsuneoka (Dr). Active since 1991, they have been performing at live houses around Tokyo area. With the release of their mini album “LAST OF SUNNY DAY” in 1994, they began to gain more attention. They released 2 full albums “GROWING UP” in 1995 and “ANGRY FIST” in 1997 from a major record label. These albums also were released overseas with a good record of sales.... Read More