November 1, 2013

hide Tribute Album Finally Completed

It has been announced that the two hide tribute albums, “hide TRIBUTE VI –Female SPIRITS-“ and “hide TRIBUTE VII –Rock SPIRITS-“, would both be released on December 18. For the “female SPIRITS” album, 10 female artists including KUMI KODA, Yuki Koyanagi, Thelma Aoyama, MAY’S and Kanon Wakeshima will be participating to resurrect hide’s “SPIRITS” in new colors. On the other hand, the “Rock SPIRITS” album will feature a powerful lineup including Kinniku... Read More

September 6, 2013

hide Live Documentary Film to be Screened in Ten Countries

It was previously announced that live documentary featuring footage of hide’s September 8, 1996 outdoor performance at Chiba Marine Stadium will be screened at movie theaters all over Japan. It has now been decided that this documentary film will be screened in ten countries all over the world. “hide ALIVE THE MOVIE -hide Indian Summer Special Limited Edition-” will begin screenings on October 12, 2013. Following various offers from countries all over the world... Read More

January 1, 2011


X Japan returns to the United States this October bringing their legendarily edgy brand of rock to New York City for one night at the iconic Madison Square Garden. The concert event marks the band’s first show together in 3 years and will feature fan favorites as well as previously unreleased and never before performed music. X Japan is revered in their native Japan and around the world as a genre-defining and boundary pushing group, and have mesmerized audiences across the... Read More

January 1, 2011


Born December 13th in 1964, in Yokosuka Japan, hide was first introduced to rock music in his teenage years. Soon afterwards, he purchased his first guitar and while in high school, he started his first band, Saber Tiger. However, the band soon had to change their name to Saver Tiger as they realized another Saber Tiger already existed. While Saver Tiger stuck together for a few years, the youthful band members couldn’t seem to stay in the group for long and, like many... Read More