July 28, 2014

LUNA SEA 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE TOUR advanced oversea ticketing available from July 29th!

While on their first nationwide tour in fourteen years, including 32 shows in 16 cities, LUNA SEA has announced an advanced oversea ticketing for their upcomming 2015 tour. LUNA SEA 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE TOUR THE LUNATIC -A Liberated Will- ●1/10/2015 (Sat) Omiya Sonic City (Saitama) ●1/11/2015 (Sun) Omiya Sonic City (Saitama) ●1/17/2015 (Sat) Ibaraki Kenritsu Kenmin Bunka Center (Ibaraki) ●1/18/2015 (Sun) Ibaraki Kenritsu Kenmin Bunka Center (Ibaraki) ●1/24/2015 (Sat)... Read More

May 20, 2014

INORAN Performs as Surprise Guest at Outdoor Festival in Beijing

INORAN appeared on May 1 as a surprise guest at “CHINA MUSIC VALLEY,” an outdoor music festival that featured about fifty popular Chinese bands. The festival was held in the Pinggu District of Beijing and about 70,000 Chinese music fans gathered together over three days, an atmosphere that greatly resembles that of “Fuji Rock Festival” in Japan. INORAN made a last minute appearance on the main stage as the special guest of the last performer on the first... Read More

April 14, 2014

INORAN has announced his B-DAY TOUR in September !!

 INORAN’s TOUR 2014 -Somewhere-, the release tour for the new mini album “Somewhere”, has closed its curtain with big success. At the stage of his tour final show, INORAN just announced his solo tour hitting Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka in September. INORAN holds his B-DAY live every year in Tokyo. But for the first time he will holds a B-DAY tour hitting 3 cities during his B-DAY month. Stay tuned for more information! INORAN B-DA Y LIVE CODE 929/2014 – B-DA... Read More

April 11, 2014

Urgently confirmed!!! INORAN TOUR 2014 – Somewhere – Tour final show on 4/13 will be live on Ustream!!

 Following the release of the new mini-album “Somewhere” on March 19th. There are only 2 shows remaining since the start of the live tour on April 4th in Osaka. Due to tickets for the live show on April 12th being sold out instantly, an extra show on April 13th was added to accommodate the high demand of tickets. And for now, not only do Japanese fans can enjoy this show, fans all over the world are welcomed to join the show via Ustream! Additionally, overseas tour... Read More

March 11, 2014

INORAN Opens Special Page for New EP “Somewhere”

As LUNA SEA celebrates their twenty-fifth anniversary in 2014, guitarist INORAN will release a new solo EP on March 19. He has now opened a special page for the EP, “Somehwere.” The music video for the lead song on the EP, “Sakura,” is available on the page. Art director Masayoshi Kodaira was responsible for both the CD jacket and the direction of the music video, and both the video and the CD jacket are based on the motif of a collage, beautifully depicting... Read More

December 11, 2013

LUNA SEA to release their long-awaited full album “A WILL” 13 years and 5 months after their last full album “LUNACY”

LUNA SEA has announced their “LUNA SEA 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE” for 2014 being the 25th year after their band formation. The “LUNA SEA 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE” will be held on May 29th, which is their band formation anniversary day, at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. This live has been long-awaited and was finally decided to be held 1 year and 4 months after LUNA SEAs Nihon Budokan 6DAYS live held in January 2013. This Night has a special meaning for LUNA SEA and of course the... Read More

October 29, 2013

LUNA SEA Reveals Cover Artwork For New Single “RUN”

The cover artwork for LUNA SEA’s new single, “RUN”, to be released on November 13, has been revealed. The 18th single for the band, “RUN”, is the band’s first single release titled in Japanese. The title track is the opening theme song for the TV drama series, “Toshi Densetsu no Onna”, which began airing on October 11. Due to the request from the drama side, the song was written under the inspiration from the character, Tsukiko Otonashi, portrayed by Masami Nagasawa.... Read More

October 3, 2013

Ryuichi Kawamura’s New Album in Two Years is an AOR Album Featuring SUGIZO and INORAN

Ryuichi Kawamura’s first new album in two years, “Life”, was released on September 11 and ranked-in within the Oricon Daily Ranking Top 10 on its first day. Just as Kawamura himself describes, “it is a rock-themed album which I recorded with the mindset of being halfway between LUNA SEA and the solo artist, Ryuichi Kawamura”, the album features high quality band sound as its base with a mature approach that goes beyond just highlighting the high-volume groove and edginess.... Read More

August 5, 2013

Muddy Apes Scheduled To Appear At “Mihama CRYSTAL BEACH SOUND 2013 FES” & Hold Shows In Tokyo And Osaka

Muddy Apes, who released their long-awaited second album, “Fairy Dirt No.5”, on July 3, and scheduled to participate in “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL”, will be following up with performances at “Mihama CRYSTAL BEACH SOUND 2013” and in Osaka and Tokyo. Muddy Apes is comprised of TAKA HIROSE from the UK rock band, FEEDER; INORAN from the Japanese big band, Luna Sea; DEAN TIDEY, the support guitarist for FEEDER; and 8otto, the vocalist for MAESON. In addition to their performance... Read More

June 21, 2013

The pre-recorded movie of LUNA SEA concert, “Charity Live for Great East Japan Earthquake Relief”, will be screened around the world!

It has been confirmed that LUNA SEA’s pre-recorded movie of their live performance at Charity Live for Great East Japan Earthquake Relief “LUNA SEA For JAPAN A Promise to The Brave 2012 in Sendai” at Sendai Sun Plaza Hall which was held on December 24, 2012 will be screened world wide. The charity live was a continuation of charity performance at Saitama Super Area in October, 2011. This time LUNA SEA members got together again in Sendai on Christmas Eve, a very special... Read More