February 5, 2016

Nenes’ First International Performance with the Existing Members in Taiwan Charmed the Local Fans.

On January 16th (Sat), Nenes performed at J-Music LAB 2016 in Taipei in front of 600 fans, followed by a mingle party. This was their first performance with the existing members, and they performed the new song “Yagamaya” as well as the signature hit “Ogon no Hana”, the total of 4 songs. They also talked in Chinese, trying to communicate with local fans directly. Taiwan and Okinawa is geographically close but now they seem to have become emotionally closer through music. Official... Read More

November 21, 2014

AMIAYA concert in Indonesia on her birthday.

AMIAYA performed at “J-Music LAB 2014” at Jakarta, Indonesia’s popular event, , on November 8 and 9. “J-Music LAB” is a Japanese music promotion event aimed at overseas listeners that is put on by the Japanese music industry. This is AMIAYA’s second consecutive year performing at the event. November 8, the day she performed, was also her birthday. Adults and children of all ages lined up for the autograph session after the show. AMIAYA did interviews with a few... Read More

August 20, 2014

J Music LAB comes to Jakarta, Indonesia again!

Vol.1 event to be held at University of Indonesia “Gelar Jepang” in August For one month from November 15 last year, RIAJ spearheaded “J-Music LAB”, promotional activities for Japanese music, which ended with huge success in Jakarta, Indonesia. To further build on last year’s success and strengthen our business, we will continue expanding overseas with a focus on Indonesia this year. First, we will participate in “Gelar Jepang”, a student organized... Read More

November 28, 2013

DEMPAGUMI.inc will be Performing This Coming Saturday at J-Music LAB, a Japanese Music Event for Southeast Asian Market Held in Jakarta Indonesia.

Japan’s upcoming idol, DEMPAGUMI.inc is going to perform at J-Music LAB organized by The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) for the purpose of introducing Japanese music to Southeast Asian market, which is to be held in Jakarta Indonesia from November 15th to December 15th. [Venue] “The Only One Club” on the 5th floor of “f(x)” a shopping mall in Jakarta [Time] November 30th (Sat) The first set 13:30-14:15 The second set 19:00-19:45 [Comment from DEMPAGUMI.inc] We’ve... Read More

October 7, 2013

J-Music LAB Project Jakarta, Indonesia targeting the Southeast Asia Music Market

3October 2013, Tokyo:Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ)will sponsor an event called “J-Music LAB” at an event space inside a shopping Mall of Jakarta, Indonesia. The duration of the event is from November 15ththru December 15th2013. This project will target the Southeast Asia music industry, an area that marks rapid economic growth. This time the project is taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia. The goal ofthe project is to increase the awareness ofJapanese music... Read More