July 29, 2011

2nd J Soul Brothers VS 3rdJ Soul Brothers ~EXILE TRIBE~

2nd J Soul Brothers & 3rd J Soul Brothers will be performed as “EXILE TRIBE” at Saitama Super Arena During July 30th to August 7th. ★July 30th(Sat) Open 17:00/Start 18:00 ★July 31st(Sun)Open 16:00/Start 17:00 ★Aug 1st(Mon)Open 18:00/Start 19:00 ★Aug 2nd(Tues)Open 18:00/Start 19:00 ☆Aug 4th(Thus)Open 18:00/Start19:00 ☆Aug 5th (Fri)Open 18:00/Start 19:00 ☆Aug 6th(Sat) Open 17:00/Start 18:00 ☆Aug 7th(Sun)Open 16:00/Start 17:00 Ofiicial Site : http://jsoulb.jp/index.html  Read More