July 9, 2015

Azumi Inoue & Yuyu @ JAPAN EXPO 2015

On the first day of JAPAN EXPO2015, Azumi Inoue and Yuyu opened the EXPO with Neko Light Orchestra doing all-Ghibli-song concert. The show started with Neko Light Orchestra.The members all have blue hair and black painted face playing serene Ghibli music with unique interpretation still based on the original. The simple formation of the orchestra with drums, bass, guitar, synth, violin, cello, and percussion created an amazingly deep sound for the venue. Later, when the audience... Read More

June 30, 2015

Aimer to appear at “Anime Expo 2015” held in Los Angeles. Aimer’s music digitally released worldwide!

“broKen NIGHT/holLow wORlD”: single includes PS Vita「Fate/hollow ataraxia」tie-in songs. “Midnight Sun”: 2nd album featuring theme songs of Mobile Suit Gundam UC, “RE:I AM” and “StarRingChild”. “Sleepless Nights”: Smash-hit songs “Re:pray “ for BLEACH and “Anata ni Deawanakereba ~ Kasetsu Toka” for Natsuyuki Rendezvous Aimer will be appearing at Anime Expo’s Fate/stay night [UBW] Special Event! Even in Japan her shows are very limited in the numbers... Read More

July 15, 2014

Nogizaka46, First Overseas Live at JAPAN EXPO 2014

Nogizaka46 had their first show at the “JAPAN EXPO 2014” currently being held in the suburb located North of Paris, Villepinte of France. They performed a total of 9 songs in front of the audiences who came to the JAPAN EXPO from the local area and different European countries. As soon as the song “Tsuki no Okisa”, which was used as the opening theme of anime “Naruto”, excitement rose. The audience’s excitement rose even higher when group captain Reika Sakurai introduced... Read More

June 20, 2014

Shoko Nakagawa to perform at Japan Expo 2014 in France

“JAPAN EXPO” showcases Japanese pop culture such as manga, anime, video games, and music as well as traditional culture such as calligraphy, martial arts, tea ceremony, and origami to the rest of the world. Shokotan is known as a Japanese culture icon and has deep roots in anime and video games. “JAPAN EXPO” was excited to invite her to the event. Shokotan will be the special guest at “JAPAN EXPO” on July 2 and 3. She is also scheduled to... Read More

August 6, 2013

AKI AKANE to ‘WOW’ France at Japan Expo Live Show

Singer-Digital Drawing Artist, AKI AKANE, appeared in Live House (with 8000 people capacity) at the largest Japanese culture convention in Europe known as in Paris, France (July 4 through 7). AKI AKANE was selected as a headliner for the main stage where Kyary Pamyu Pamyu played last year, and Golden Bomber the year before. The performance lasted about 40 minutes and AKI’s stage was perhaps the one hottest performance ever at the Expo with fans from all over Europe going nuts. It... Read More