December 25, 2012

TAKUYA’s New Band Starts Out with an Xmas Live Show and Ustream Broadcast

The new band led by TAKUYA (formerly of JUDY AND MARY and ROBO+S), TAKUYA and The Cloud Collectors, will be performing a one-band show at SHELTER in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo on December 25.

 TAKUYA and The Cloud Collectors is a band formed by guitarist and vocalist TAKUYA, together with Shuntaro Kado on drums, Chiaki Ito on bass, and Takuma Wakana on guitar. This performance will mark the debut of their live show, and the setlist on the day of the show will feature selections... Read More

January 1, 2011


JUDY AND MARY is a 4-piece band, which made a lot of hit songs with charismatic popularity. YUKI’s charismatic vocal, and TAYUYA and Kaito Onda’s catchy but sophisticated melody sense brought them a big success with a lot of followers. They made a major label debut in 1993 with a single titled “POWER OF LOVE”. Their single “Over Drive” brought them to stardom and other hit songs such as “Doki Doki”, “Sobakasu” “Classic” , “Kujira 12 Go” and... Read More