September 10, 2015

YouTube channel that expresses JUJU’s “PLAYBACK”

“JUJU PLAYBACK Channel”, a YouTube channel that displays several video clips from JUJU’s “PLAYBACK” single, was just launched. JUJU PLAYBACK Channel The channel includes the original “PLAYBACK” video, a collaboration with the “HAIR” hairstyle app called “PLAYBACK × HAIR PHOTO CONTEST”, and a reverse choreography version with choreographer IG called “PLAYBACK –kz & banvox Remix- x choreographer IG”.... Read More

January 31, 2012

JUJU / Participation in “MTV Unplugged” in New York

JUJU will be the very first Japanese female artist to participate in the shooting of an acoustic live “MTV Unplugged” to be held at MTV studio in New York, USA in spring. There have been two sessions of this live in the past in which Japanese artists were featured overseas(CHAGE and ASKA in London & Ken Hirai in New York). “MTV Unplugged JUJU” will be broadcasted to all the viewers around the world through MTV’s network. Official Website: Blog:... Read More

January 1, 2011


JUJU (or JUJU) is a Japanese pop/R&B singer-songwriter under Sony Music Japan Associated Records label. She has released three albums thus far and gained recognition in the music industry in 2008 with her collaboration singles with Spontania. JUJU wanted to be a jazz singer since the age of 12, and at 18 years old, she went to the US from Kyoto, Japan. She performed live in New York’ famous JAZZ MUSICAL, and has been establishing her own sound in the center of... Read More