March 7, 2016

Kalafina’s First Live Performance in Mexico Ends in Success and Appears Live on Local TV

Kalafina had their first live performance in Mexico on February 20, 2016, at “El Plaza Condesa,” a concert hall located in Mexico City. They performed a total of 21 songs, such as “to the beginning” and songs from their new album “far on the water”, such as “believe” and “One Light”. The local fans have known Kalafina through various media outlets, such as the Internet, and went crazy as they were able to see the members on stage performing many theme songs... Read More

August 28, 2014

Kalafina, Attending the World’s Largest Ani-Song Event, “Animelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS-”

Kalafina will attend “Animelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS-“ on August 30th at Saitama Super arena. “Animelo Summer Live” started with “Animelo Summer Live 2005 -THE BRIDGE-“ (Yoyogi National Gymnasium) in 2005, and the event has been a bridge for fans and anime song artists across different Labels. This will be this event’s 10th year. At last year’s “Animelo Summer Live 2013 –FLAG NINE-“ (Saitama Super Arena), the event was held for 3 days for the first time,... Read More

June 17, 2014

ANISAMA 2014: Yoshino Nanjo, OLDCODEX, and Kalafina added to the lineup

ANIME ROSAMA Live 2014 -ONENESS- will be held at Saitama Super Arena on Friday, August 29, Saturday the 30th, and Sunday the 31st. Additional artists have been confirmed and announced. Yoshino Nanjo and Petit Milady have been added on to the 29th, Kalifan has been added on to the 30th, and Peach MAKI and OLDCODEX have been added onto the 31st. Petit Milady consists of Yuki Aoi and Ayana Taketatsu. Peach MAKI is a character from TV anime “HOZUKI NO REITETSU” that is played... Read More

August 14, 2012

Kalafina / Main Guest at “AnimagiC” in Germany

Kalafina, a unit of 3 females, participated in the biggest exhibition in Germany that promotes Japanese anime culture, “AnimagiC,” as the main guest artist group. Following after their debut in U.S. and Asia, they finally made their debut in Europe. As Kalafina performed their unique music in fusion of Asian and European tastes harmonized by beautiful chorus works, the audience was fully mesmerized by Kalafina’s powerful staging. We will most definitely keep... Read More

January 1, 2011


 Kalafina started as a theme song project for “Sora no Kyokai”, making a sensational single debut “Oblivious” in 2008. After their debut, all of their woks ranked within 10th in Oricon Weekly Chart including their best album released in July 2014 “THE BEST RED” and “THE BEST Blue” ranked 3rd (Blue) and 4t (Red). They started actively performing since 2009. In 2013, the promotional 15-show-tour for the 4th album “Consolation” went to 9 venues, drawing about... Read More