June 25, 2013

Kaminarigumo’s Summertime-only Limited Weekly NicoNico Live Broadcast On Air Now!

Kaminarigumo, who are now in the midst of preparing their next musical works have set a regular weekly schedule to their NicoNico Live broadcast, which up until this point has taken place irregularly. Starting from June, the 30 minute live broadcast 『 REMEMBER ICEGREEN SUMMER』 will take place weekly every Wednesday from 10:00pm for the summertime-limited period of three months. According to the two members of the group who up till now have gained a lot of attention on NicoNico... Read More

August 8, 2012

KAMINARIGUMO / New MV Presented in 5 Languages

KAMINARIGUMO is releasing a new song ‘Ousama no Missile’ on 8/8/2012. The music video of this new song has been uploaded on their YouTube channel in 5 different languages—Japanese, English, French, Arabic and Korean. They are trying to send out a message to 140+ countries around the world. With the theme of “despite the chaos and confusion that is the world, his wish is that with this song, it can provide some hope even if faint,” KAMINARIGUMO prepared 5 different versions... Read More

January 1, 2011


Keiji Ueno: guitar / vocal Atsushi Naruse (ghoma): keyboad / synthbass In 2002, Gt./Vo. Keiji Ueno formed the band during his time at Nagano Shinshu University. The band took a break in 2005; however, with the official inclusion of keyboardist ghoma (Takashi Naruse), who had been a support member since 2004, to the band, the band made a come back. In 2008, released 1st maxi single “Haru no Uta”, and in July, their 2nd single “Oosama no Missile” from the label Chikara... Read More