June 22, 2012


KANZENNINONFICTION will be going to Taiwan for their very first overseas live. KANZENNINONFICTION is a 3-piece band with Bessho Hidekazu as its leader and is introduced as “a band project of the greatly talented ‘Bessho Hidekazu’ with an unidentified number of artists as members” on the official website. In the midst of anticipation for their future format and what kind of activities they will unfold, let’s keep an eye on this interesting project! Live Information: “ASIAN... Read More

January 1, 2011


KANZENNINONFICTION are sometimes civilians and sometimes are Kabuki Actors. Their existence is totally non-fiction. Who on earth are they?   They are a new kind of Hayashi-Guitar Rock Band, playing finger-pick and slap guitar without using guitar picks. They got buzzed for their mask-face of some power rangers, and for such a small number of live performances. In 2012, they announced they would perform and record with a variety of musicians and DJ. In 2013, they released... Read More