August 30, 2012


“ANIMAX MUSIX 2012 supported by Sky PerfecTV” by Animax Broadcast Japan Inc(the host company of a anime specialty channel “ANIMAX”) will be hosted overseas for the very first time as “ANIMAX MUSIX 2012 TAIWAN” at Taipei ATT SHOW BOX. This anime music festival will feature dream-come-true lineup and collaboration of various artists and will most definitely mesmerize the audience of Taiwan just the way it always has in Japan! Event Information: “ANIMAX MUSIX 2012... Read More

January 1, 2011


A female singer-songwriter from Hokkaido Prefecture. Through the influence of her mother’s passion for singing, dreamt to become a singer from a very young age. Began going to vocal school after graduating high school. Became a member of “I’ve”, a music creator group who work in Hokkaido. After doing game music and Animation theme songs, made her major debut with the album “Hane” in April 2004. Aside from singing, also does other various music related work such as... Read More