January 17, 2014

Wonderful Artists to Appear in Short Movie for KUROYUME’s album “Kuro to Kage”

KUROYUME will release their new album “Kuro to Kage” on January 29, 2014. They have now released the details of the album as well as the jacket photos. The album has a total of thirteen tracks including “Guernica,” which is the theme song to the January 2014 film “Bilocation.” It also includes the album version of the sold-out venue-only single “KINGDOM.” The CD only version also includes a bonus track called “LEAP.” The... Read More

December 3, 2013

KUROYUME Appears On Niconico Live Special Program For the First Time In 2 Years

KUROYUME, who will be releasing their two single titles, “Guernika” and “I HATE YOUR POPSTAR LIFE”, on December 11, will be starring in a special program on Niconico Live on December 4 and 11. The December 4 show will be broadcasted under the name [“KUROYUME 20 Shuunen Year E] Single 2 Saku Doji Release Kinen ‘KUROYUME Headache and Dub Reel Inch’” in which the bands entire concert at Nippon Budokan from January 13, 2012, will be aired. December 11 would be the... Read More

August 8, 2013

Kuroyume’s Video Clip of “KINGDOM”, Partial Release on YouTube

Part of Kuroyume`s new song “KINGDOM”’s video clip was released on YouTube.In the video clip, Kiyoharu and Hitoki is featured while performing, possibly on a roof of a building. Stimulating English words such as “CRUSH”, “BROKEN”, “SAD”, “HATEFUL&SERIOUS”, and “DEATH” is shown, and is created in a way that stirs the viewer’s imagination. The single which “KINGDOM” is recorded in will be sold at the Live “DIVE INTO THE KINGDOM”... Read More

July 12, 2013

DEAD END tribute album to be released

DEAD END, the legendary rock band which miraculously revived in 2009. There is a large number of artists active on the front lines who were greatly influenced by them. Artists with much love for DEAD END will be covering their famous songs from the past and present! Various musicians joined to create the album and some musician made the special unit exclusively for this project, which gave new life to many famous songs. Commemorating the 25th anniversary of major debut of DEAD... Read More

December 26, 2011

Kuroyume / First Asia Tour in 21 Years

Kuroyume, a Japanese rock band, is holding their first Asia tour “THE ASIA SHOWCASE Vol.1” in 21 years since their debut. They are planning to first hold small-scale ‘experimental’ lives in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan, thus making it a fierce competition to get tickets. Asia Tour schedule is as follows: 3/22/2012 Hong Kong / The Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre 3/25/2012 Shanghai, China / MAO Livehouse 3/30/2012 Taiwan / Legacy Taipei Official... Read More

January 1, 2011


On January 29 the legendary band Kuroyume broke up without as much as an announcement and left millions of fans wondering if they would ever return. Tens years later to the day, KUROYUME performed at Japan’s most famous arena, the Budokan, with a show called “The End”– was this their true farewell performance? The riveting show, performed in front of 13,500 screaming fans had sold out in minutes and left as many as 100,000 people trying, but unable to... Read More