December 17, 2012

LAGITAGIDA releases highly anticipated, sensational music video, shot with the help from fans!

LAGITAGIDA, who have just released their first single “Terrible Boy / Uncrackable Nuts,” has released a music video. Shot in one seamless take, the music video is a visual document of a recording session that was made open to the public, and it has the look and feel reminiscent of a live show. The raw video was shot on smartphones of nearly one hundred fans present at the event. Here are some comments from the band’s leader, Ohtake, the director, editor, and the originator... Read More

November 19, 2012

LAGITAGIDA / Release of First Single!

LAGITAGIDA will be releasing the band’s very first digital single “Terrible boy / Uncrackable nuts” on 12/5/2012. This new single includes the new song ‘Terrible Boy’ recorded at their live at Shindaita FEVER held on 10/21 especially to record this new song at one take. It also features ‘Uncrackable nuts,’ a cover of Tchaikovsky’s famous number ‘Nutcracker.’ With this new single release, LAGITAGIDA is scheduled for a... Read More

January 1, 2011


Playing music directly from the soul, each beat comes down with fierce tension and technique. The result is a thrilling cathartic release of rock and roll. The sound is born out of mutation and unpredictable development. Progressive, Avant-garde, Alternative, but always Rock. Formed in early April 2010, LAGITAGIDA, is planning a global expansion. LAGITAGIDA is a super-powered attack instrumental rock band. This strange band name “LAGITAGIDA” is an original creation... Read More