February 23, 2015

LEGO BIG MORL, self-hosted joint concert announcement

LEGO BIG MORL will stream “LEGO BIG TV vol.7” on Niconico Live on February 23 (Monday). They will announce whom they will play “Thanks Giving vol.6” in Osaka and Tokyo in the spring with. “Thanks Giving” is an event where LEGO BIG MORL invites artists they respect to play with them. This time, the event will take place at Osaka, umeda AKASO on March 28 and at Tokyo LIQUIDROOM on April 2. LEGO BIG MORL will be talking about the event and will also be taking requests... Read More

January 1, 2011


LEGO BIG MORL was formed by Takehiro Kanata (Vo, G), Hiroki Tanaka (G), Shintaro Yamamoto (B) and Hiro Asakawa (Dr) in 2006. They had their performing base in their hometown Osaka, releasing their first EP titled “Tuesday and Thursday” in June. Their first single “Ray” released in December was included in the OST of the TV drama and film “Akai Ito”, drawing attention to the band In 2009, they released their first full album “Quartette Parade” and went onto their... Read More