December 17, 2014

Leo Ieiri receives “Best Asian Artist Japan” award at 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards

Leo Ieiri received the “Best Asian Artist Japan” award at the ”2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards” on December 3 (Japan time). Kyary Pamyu Pamyu won the same award in 2013, and AKB48 won it in 2012. “Mnet Asian Music Awards” (MAMA) was started in 1999 as the Mnet KM MUSIC Festival. It evolved into a global award ceremony that represents Asia and in 2009, it became what it is now. The awards show was held in Macao in 2010, Singapore in 2011, and Hong Kong in 2012. It... Read More

January 1, 2011

Leo Ieiri

Leo Ieiri is a singer-songwriter, born in Fukuoka. She enrolled in VOICE Fukuoka Music School with a guitar in hand at the age of 13. When she wrote “Sabrina” at the age of 15, in which she poured her youthful confusion and screams, she decided that she wanted to live on music. In spring of 2011, she moved to Tokyo alone. Besides attending high school in Tokyo, she continued to write songs and participate in live performances. In February 2012, she made her major label... Read More