February 25, 2015

LITE’s SXSW show and U.S. east coast tour confirmed! Concert footage of “Hunger” on YouTube

LITE just released their album, “Installation”, off of American independent label, Topshelf Records, in September. They also completed a U.S. west coast tour consisting of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. The band will play at “SXSW 2015” in Austin, Texas in March and seven shows on the east coast, including Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York. LITE will be the headliner for all of the east coast shows, which will be interactive with VJ Kezzardrix. They will... Read More

July 16, 2014

LITE, Contract with US Label & Having an West Coast Tour

LITE signed for US Label “Topshelf Records”. The Analog 12 in version of the album “Installation” released in 2013 will be released from this Label on September 16th. “Topshelf Records” is an independent Label based in Boston, MA. A staff of this Label, Kevin Duquette welcomed the contract, commenting “We have been LITE’s fan.” This Analog version of “Installation” includes “Pleiades” as a bonus track. And LITE will also have a tour from September 10th... Read More

May 11, 2014

LITE’s National Tour Welcomes LOSTAGE and Tamaki ROY BAND in Fukuoka and Takamatsu.

LITE’s National Tour will welcome LOSTAGE and Tamaki ROY BAND in Fukuoka and Takamatsu this coming June. On June 7th at Fukuoka Queblick, Tamaki ROY、Takashi Todaka from ART-SCHOOL and Akinori Yamamoto from LITE will form a special band called “Tamaki ROY BAND”, and on June 8th at TOONICE, LOSTAGE will join the stage as a guest performer. Other guest acts are downy, DE DE MOUSE, avengers in sci-fi, OGRE YOU ASSHOLE, Tera Melos. Tickets are out on sale. Please check... Read More

April 17, 2014

An American Post Hard Core Avant Mass Rock Band, “tera melos”, Guest Starrs for LITE’s National Tour- Tokyo, Nagoya and Tokyo Shows.

An American post hard core avant mass rock band “tera melos” will perform as a guest act at Tokyo, Nagoya and Tokyo shows of LITE’s National Tour in June. tera melos will be performing in Japan for the first time in 3 years and 8 months, and this will the first show after the release of their full album “X7ed Out” in April 2013. Their latest album is now available for listening on their bandcamp. Be sure to check it out before the show. X’ed Out https://teramelos.bandcamp.com/album/xed-out Other... Read More

April 5, 2014

downy, OGRE YOU ASSHOLE Guest Stars for LITE’s National Tour! Kanazawa Show Added!

LITE is going on a national tour, starting in May. For the first half of the tour, it has been announced that DE DE MOUSE, avengers in sci-fi, OGRE YOU ASSHOLE will join the stage as the guest acts in Sapporo, Sendai and Hiroshima. DE DE MOUSE will welcome LITE’s Akinori Yamamoto as a guest drummer and the collaboration will be called as “DE DE MOUSE + his drummer”. Also, they added another show at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa on May... Read More

January 29, 2014

LITE Will Go on a 14 Show Europe Tour in Seven Countries. Two New Videos Will Be Published to Preview Europe Release.

LITE will go on a 14 show tour in seven countries for 15 days, including performance at Midem Festival in Canne, France. The full album “Installation”, released in June 2013, will be re-released from “Blood and Biscuits”, a UK label based in London that releases EFTERLANG and MUM. There will be a CD and a vinyl version of the album. The videos of “Echolocation” and “Hunger” have been made. The videos have already been published. They also announced... Read More

December 5, 2013

LITE Will Go on a Europe Tour in 2014. Their New Song Written for a TV Commercial Has Been on Air.

LITE is going on a Europe tour for 12 shows in six countries in February 2014. This will be their fifth Europe tour and the first tour in two years. They will be performing as the headliner for all of the shows. It also has been revealed that they wrote a song for Megane Ichiba’s TV commercial series called “Megane ni Kando wo”, on air from December 1st. This is the first release after the previous album that came out in June, “Installation”. The new song is an... Read More

August 29, 2013

LITE Plays for Tip at Their 10th Anniversary Solo Show. Tickets with USB for Live Performance Download Are Out on Sale.

LITE is going to throw a solo show at Laforet Museum on October 5th to celebrate their 10th anniversary. To show their gratitude for fans, they will play for tips and leave it to fans to decide how much their performance is worth. Admission requires pre-registered tickets available on their official website. Tickets with USB for live performance downloads will be out on sale. This will only be available on Playguide and preorder has been out on their official website. There is... Read More

June 26, 2013

LITE Published a YouTube Clip of a Technical Tune ,”bond”, from Their New Album.

Lite released their first full album in two years, “Installation”, on June 5th and the live footage of “bond” from the album has been published on YouTube. The technical guitar riff that leads to the complicated song form shows off LITE’s sensational uniqueness. Their solo concert will be at Umeda SHANGRI-LA on June 27th (Thurs), Nagoya APOLLO THEATER on June 28th(Fri) and Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on June 29th (Sat). There will be some collaboration with... Read More

April 29, 2013

LITE Releases New Full Album In 2 Years

LITE will be releasing their 4th full album “Installation” on June 5th from their own record label “I Want The Moon”. This album that follows the album released 2 years ago called “For all the innocence”, has been recorded in two countries, Japan and America. This new album contains their original technical and emotional riff and melody along with a new electric music element by using a synthesizer. We recommend that you compare this new album with their old ones. Kaoru... Read More