July 10, 2015

Little Glee Monster confirmed as Japan representative for “J-POP SUMMIT 2015”

Little Glee Monster is a girl vocal group that performed at last year’s “16th ACG Hong Kong”, Asia’s largest anime / game festival. This year, they are scheduled to perform at “J-POP SUMMIT 2015” in the U.S. Prime Minister Abe promised to push the Japanese and American cultural exchange this year in April. J-POP Summit is the first event in this process. Despite being new-comers, Little Glee Monster are recognized for their solid singing, and as a result, have... Read More

November 24, 2014

Little Glee Monster, Distribute Their Major Debut Piece on iTS of 34 Countries

Little Glee Monster’s major debut single, “Hokago High Five”, released by CD on October 29th, has been distributed worldwide since November 17th on iTunes Store overseas. It has been distributed over 34 countries, such as Hong Kong, which they visited this summer for a Live concert, and also the United States, England, France, and Germany. They have had a theme of “leaving a mark on people’s heart with their sharpened out song”, and we have... Read More