October 18, 2016

Mai Kuraki Won The Best International Artist in Special Category.

Mai Kuraki won “The Best International Artist in Special Category” at “FRESH ASIA CHART AWARD” as the most influential artist in Asia. “FRESH ASIA CHART AWARD” is hosted by Sima, a Chinese major portal website company, which is the No.1 IT media company in China beating Tencent. Sima’s CEO directly offered the award to Mai Kuraki for the award. The ceremony was only on the website but from this year, they started having the actual ceremony, showing their dedication... Read More

September 3, 2014

Mai Kuraki’s Taiwan concert is a big hit

Mai Kuraki performed in Taiwan on Sunday, August 24. She specifically requested to play this show, which was her first time in Taiwan in five years. Kuraki just finished a live house tour on August 10. Live house “Legacy Taipei” was booked as this concert’s venue to uphold that sense of unity that live houses provide. Tickets to the show sold out in a mere two minutes, and the media rushed to cover Kuraki’s huge popularity in Taiwan. Kuraki performed along side popular... Read More

December 31, 2012

Mai Kuraki / 1st Single of 2013 as New Opening Theme of “Meitantei Conan”

Mai Kuraki opened a new chapter in her music style as she collaborated with an orchestra in her previous symphonic collection “Mai Kuraki Symphonic Collection in Moscow” released on 12/19/2012. To kick off a brand new year for 2013, Kuraki is releasing her 39th single “TRY AGAIN” on 2/6/2013. The title song ‘TRY AGAIN’ is a danceable, upbeat song which has been selected as the new opening theme song for “Meitantei Conan.” In addition... Read More

October 31, 2012

Mai Kuraki / Release of Symphonic Collection Recorded in Moscow, Russia

Having found new potentials of ways to express her music in the successful collaboration with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Ikuro Fujiwara in her previous live “Mai Kuraki Symphonic Live -Opus 1-“ held in September, Mai Kuraki is now releasing her very first symphonic collection on 12/19/2012. The recording took place in Moscow, Russia where she visited for the first time and tried various arrangements of music with new people. The new challenges and various... Read More

April 17, 2012

Mai Kuraki / Awarded at Asia’s Biggest Music Festival & Theme Song of a Hit Movie in China

On 4/ 13/2012(Fri), Mai Kuraki was awarded as ‘The Most Popular Asian Influential Japanese Singer’ at “2012 Channel [V] “Migu” Chinese Music Award,” Asia’s biggest music festival held in Macau. At the award ceremony, she performed ‘Brave your heart’ in a duet with Alex Ru, a famous Chinese actor. This song has been chosen as the theme song for “Ashita ni Kakeru Ai,” a commemorative movie to mark the 40th year anniversary of friendship between Japan and... Read More

August 26, 2011

Mai Kuraki / Performing for “China-Japan-Korea Music Festival” in Beijing

Mai Kuraki is participating in “China-Japan-Korea Music Festival” held at Beijing National Stadium on 9/25 as a representative of Japanese artists. She has been active in Asia as she participated in various events and went on tours in Asian countries. This is her 4th time performing in China and it has been 4 months since her last performance in China at “TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION in BEIJING” held in May. “China-Japan-Korea Music Festival” will... Read More

January 1, 2011

Mai Kuraki

She was influenced at an early age by Whitney Houston’s singing and Michael Jackson’s dancing. In her second year of junior high school, she submitted a demo tape to the GIZA recording label and won a contract. She debuted in the United States in 1999 with the song “Baby I Like,” recorded under the pseudonym Mai K. Her first Japanese single, “Love, Day After Tomorrow,” was released later in the year. It became a big hit in Japan and sold about... Read More