July 7, 2014

Matenrou Opera releases a music video for their new single, “TONARI NI SUWARU TAIYO”! The release of their new album, “AVALON”, was also announced.

Matenrou Opera announced on their official site that they will release “AVALON”, their first album in a year and a half, on September 3. The music video for their sixth single, “TONARI NI SUWARU TAIYO” (July 23 release), was also released. “AVALON” contains 12 songs, including the single “Orb”, which was released last December. Official Website: http://matenrou-opera.jp Twitter: https://twitter.com/opera_staff Blog: http://ameblo.jp/matenrou-opera-official/ YouTube:... Read More

April 1, 2014

Matenrou Opera: Video from boys-only Valentine’s Day concert shown on White Day

Matenrou Opera played a boys-only concert at Meguro Rock-May-Kan on Valentine’s Day. To return the favor to the females who could not attend the concert, Matenrou Opera, in true White Day fashion, released the Valentine’s Day concert footage on YouTube on March 14. The concert footage is a 10-minute digest video comprised of excerpts from the band’s set and encore performance. You can feel the testosterone filled atmosphere and the intensity of the call-and-response. Matenrou... Read More

April 25, 2013

Matenrou Opera’s Guitarist, Anzi, Announced a Live Guitar Battle with a Popular Vocaloid Producer.

Anzi from Matenrou Opera has been streaming a fun live show inviting guests not only for fans but also for a wider variety of audience. He has done several live guitar battles, and on April 19th, as he has announced, a popular Vocaloid Producer ,Devilish P, will be on the show to guitar-battle with Anzi. The show has featured guests such as Norifumi Shima from Concerto Moon, Hiroya Fukuda, an ex-ANTHEM Member and Kelly SIMONZ, but this will be the first time for the show to... Read More

November 28, 2011

Matenro Opera / Successful Overseas Lives & 1st Full Album Release in Spring 2012

Matenro Opera, a Japanese symphonic visual-kei metal band, recently performed their 3rd overseas stage on 11/19(Sat) in Arlington, US. Their performance was the main act for the 2nd day of “Anime USA,” the biggest anime festival in US which attracted a total audience of more than 30,000 during the 3 days of the festival. As they’ve assured their influence as a band in the overseas scene, Matenro Opera announced the release of their first full album, scheduled for 3/7/2012(Wed).... Read More