May’n: Music Video for Album’s Title Song Released!

May’n has uploaded a one-chorus music video for the title song, “Lose My Illusions”, of her January 29 release new album, “NEW WORLD”, onto YouTube. Both the single, “Kyou ni Koiiro” and the album, “NEW WORLD” will be released at the same time. To celebrate the release of both CDs, it’s been confirmed that there will also be a live broadcast of the album on Nico Nico Douga to allow listeners a preview listen of the songs. During this broadcast, listeners... Read More

May’n reveals album title and jacket art for 10th Anniversary album

J-Pop singer May’n has revealed the title of her fourth album NEW WORLD, scheduled for release in on January 29, 2014. The album will include new songs in addition to several of May’n’s recent anime and game songs from Accel World, Blood Lad, BTOOOM!, Real Onigokko The Origin, and E.X. Troopers. Track list 1. Lose My Illusions 2. Chase the world (Accel World anime) 3. Mr.Super Future Star (EX Troopers video game) 4. Watashi no Shirushi 5. Ketsui no Asa 6. Ano... Read More

New Single by May’n Will Be Opening Theme for TV Anime “Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.”

“Kyou ni Koiiro,” the newest single by May’n, will be released on January 29, 2014. It has also been announced that the song will be the opening theme for the television anime “Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.” In 2014, May’n will enter the tenth year since her debut. Her first single of this very special year is by May’n and kz (livetune). The song gracefully envelops a faint awakening of love in a first-rate pop sound, guiding listeners toward... Read More

<KAWAii!!MATSURi> Time Table Announced.

The timetable for <KAWAii!! MATSURi> held at Tokyo Taiikukan(Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium) has been announced on the official website. <KAWAii!! MATSURi> is the one and only event that draws attention from the world market for being the heaven for Japanese Pop Cultures including, Harajuku fashion Aomoji Kei (Street Casual), Idol, and Anime songs The first day focuses on Anime song and Idol performances, called “MATSURi DA TOKYO!!”. It will be like a music festival... Read More

Japanese Pop Culture Festival, “KAWAII MATSURI” , coming up in TOKYO!!

Japanese Pop Culture Festival, “KAWAII MATSURI” ,coming up in TOKYO!! Japanese Pop Culture Festival, “KAWAII MATSURI” will be held on 20th& 21st of April, for the first time in Tokyo. Musicians, singers, fashion models, perfomers…. Many iconic artists those who represent all genre of Japanese Pop culture will be taking part in this special event. “KAWAII”, a Japanese adjective meaning “cute” “ lovely” “adorable”, is now known all over the world and... Read More

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2012 / Artist Lineup for Live Performance

T.M.Revolution, BABYMETAL, FLOW, May’n, Sphere, fripSide and other Japanese artists will participate in “Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2012” to be held during 11/9-11. Celebrating the 5th year, this anime festival has become one of the biggest anime festivals in Asia to feature Japanese anime and pop culture. Each year, live events seem to attract the most number of audiences as the participating artists perform various anime theme songs. “Anime Festival Asia Singapore... Read More


“ANIMAX MUSIX 2012 supported by Sky PerfecTV” by Animax Broadcast Japan Inc(the host company of a anime specialty channel “ANIMAX”) will be hosted overseas for the very first time as “ANIMAX MUSIX 2012 TAIWAN” at Taipei ATT SHOW BOX. This anime music festival will feature dream-come-true lineup and collaboration of various artists and will most definitely mesmerize the audience of Taiwan just the way it always has in Japan! Event Information: “ANIMAX MUSIX 2012... Read More

May’n / Announcement of World Tour Venues

May’n made an official announcement for the overseas venues of her world tour “ROCK YOUR BEATS,” starting soon in spring. The tour will kick off on 5/25 at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’ in Kanagawa and continue on to 6 different locations around the world–Los Angeles, San Francisco, Germany, France, Korea and Hong Kong. May’n World Tour [WORLD TOUR 2012 "ROCK YOUR BEATS"] 6/21(Thurs) KEY CLUB, Los Angeles 6/23(Sat) Yoshi’s s San Francisco, San Francisco 9/7(Fri)... Read More

HoriPro Japan announces 37th Annual Talent Scout Caravan

Japanese talent agency discoveries include Haruka Ayase, May’n, Satomi Ishihara. March 21, 2012 – Japanese talent agency HoriPro announced the start of its 37th HoriPro Talent Scout Caravan talent auditions today in Japan. This year’s goal is to find a “Super-Idol” – a girl who can dance, sing, and act. The annual competition is held in cities across Japan, spawning the title “Caravan”. Horipro’s managers and coaches work... Read More

May’n adds USA dates to ROCK YOUR BEATS World Tour!

April 5, 2012 – J-Pop superstar May’n will return to America in June 2012 for two live performances in Los Angeles and San Francisco. As part of the ROCK YOUR BEATS World Tour, May’n will perform with her live band and dancers, followed by a special autograph session for VIP ticket holders. After her discovery in HoriPro’s Talent Scout Caravan, May’n became known to anime fans worldwide as the singing voice of “Macross Frontier’s”... Read More