April 3, 2015

Mayuko’s Performance at Japan Expo Sud!

A Japanese singer-songwriter, Mayuko, performed at the main stage of Japan Expo Sud, held in Marseille France between March 6th and 8th 2015. She appeared at several stages for three days in a row and also at autograph sessions, press interviews and on TV shows. Mayuko collaborated with a laser artist, Keiichi Tanaka, and a female photographer Aki Tanaka for the stage’s visual art. The collaboration among worldly-known artists added a lot to the dreamy mood of her music. Setlist 1.... Read More

March 4, 2015

Mayuko Performing at Japan Expo Sud!

A Japanese singer-songwriter Mayuko, who has been actively performing overseas since 2014, will hit the main stage of Japan Expo Sud , which is to be held in Marseille, France between March 6th and 8th. Japan Expo Sud is a spin-off event of JAPAN EXPO annually held in July, expecting about 50 thousand attendees from all over Europe. Her stage will be produced by Keiichi Tanaka, a lazer artist, and Aki Tanaka, a female photographer. Mayuko’s collaboration with those two... Read More

November 1, 2014

Mayuko Performing in Lucca Italy

Mayuko, known as Child in the Cocoon, will be performing for the first time in Italy. The singer-songwriter, Mayuko has been actively performing overseas including France, UK, and “Japan Expo USA”. Now she is ready to hit the main stage of the biggest J-culture event “Lucca Comics and Games 2014” in Italy. Lucca Comics & Games 2014 ■Place: Lucca Toscana, Italy ■Time: October 30th-Novemner 2nd 2014 ■Estimated Audience: Approximately 200,000 Mayuko drew the... Read More

August 13, 2014

Mayuko Performed Live at “HYPER JAPAN” Held in London

A Japanese singer-songwriter, Mayuko performed live at “HYPER JAPAN”, held in Earls in London for three days between July 25th and 27th , attracting a lot of local fans. “HYPER JAPAN” is an event that introduces Japanese pop culture represented by Japanese fashion, technology, anime, and manga as well as traditional culture such as Japanese food, martial arts and calligraphy. Attendees can enjoy and experience the Japanese directly and the event drew 84,000 fans in total. This... Read More

July 3, 2014

Mayuko Added a Show During JAPAN EXPO in Paris. Also, Another Show at Hyper Japan!

Mayuko, a Japanese singer-songwriter, is going to perform at the 15th annual JAPAN EXPO , held in Paris from July 2nd till the 6th, and she has just added a show in Paris during that time. Also, she will be performing at Hyper Japan, held in London from July 25th till the 27th. This is Mayuko’s first time in JAPAN EXPO. She will be signing her CDs and will meet and greet with fans. There won’t be a performance at J.E Live House, but will be performing at “kunitoraya... Read More

April 19, 2014

Music for the Sweet Heart. A singer drawing international attention, Mayuko’s first album “Vista Bouquet”Coming Out !

The album is filled with songs of sounds and emotions beyond words. Mayuko has just released her first album “Vista Bouquet”. Mayuko seems to be confident about the content of the album released after making a buzz on American and European TV and radio as a mysterious singer whose name means a cocoon child. The words that fell on to Mayuko will be painted onto the canvas called “Music” and when it’s combined with her spiritual clear voice, it get as colorful as... Read More

January 1, 2011


“Whenever I draw an oil painting, I cannot stop the music blaring in my head… I want to let the melodies out.” Mayuko’s name means child in a cocoon. She started as a painter, but a calling led her to music. Her clear voice is characterized by delicate high notes, like a spirit singing. There is purity in her presence, and her atmosphere is abstract and welcoming. Mayuko’s music makes you feel snug as if you were the child protected in a cocoon. Offical Website:... Read More