November 18, 2014

Morning Musume. Live broadcast of Sayumi Michishige’s graduation concert confirmed

Morning Musume’s last show of their “Morning Musume’14 Concert Tour AKI GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Sayumi Michishige SOTSUGYO KINEN Special” tour on November 26 at Yokohama Arena will be broadcast live in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea. This concert will be 8th group leader Sayumi Michishige’s final show with the group. The concert will be broadcast live in 29 movie theaters across Japan. The live viewings will also feature opening acts Juice=Juice and S/mileage as well as... Read More

October 4, 2014

Media Reminder: Morning Musume。’14 USA Comment Video + New York Concert this Sunday, Oct. 5

Morning Musume。’14 USA comment video features member Sakura Oda speaking in English to USA fans, giving details on special NYC goods, including a commemorative CD and handshake event. CONCERT INFORMATION Best Buy Theater 1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036 Ages: 16 & Over Doors Open: 3:00PM Morning Musume ’14, also known as Momusu, are one of the most successful Japanese all-girl idol groups, produced by the famous rock singer-writer Tsunku. They are the lead group of... Read More

June 25, 2014

Morning Musume。’14 Live Concert in New York!

The Japanese all-girl idol group Morning Musume。’14 will perform a live concert for the 1st time in New York on October 5th at the well-known Best Buy Theater, located in the center of Broadway. Morning Musume。’14 Live Concert in New York October 5th, 2014 OPEN 3PM / START 4PM Place: Best Buy Theater (1515 Broadway at W. 44th St. New York, NY 10036) Tickets price: All Standing, pre-sale 42$ VIP TICKET: 100$ (limited to 200 tickets), including Early Entry, 1 Autographed... Read More

May 21, 2014

Morning Musume。’14, Coming to NY For the First Time in October

It was announced that Morning Musume。’14 will be having a concert alone at Best Buy Theater, NY on October 5th (Local Time). This was announced by the members themselves during a concert held on May 5th at Nakano Sunplaza Hall. It will be the first time in about 4 years for Morning Musume。 to hold an overseas concert, and for members except Michisige, it will be their first overseas concert alone. Morning Musume。’14 Live Concert in New York Oct. 5th (Sun.) 2014,... Read More

February 21, 2014

Morning Musume ’14 Breaks Own Record: Four Consecutive Single Releases Mark 1st Place

Morning Musume ‘14’s 55th single “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa / Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai / What is LOVE?” won 1st place on its first week of appearing on the Oricon Weekly Ranking. This would be the 4th consecutive release for Morning Musume ’14 to win 1st place on the weekly charts beginning “Help me!!” in January 2013, followed by “Brain Storming / Kimisae Ireba Nanimo Iranai” and “Wagamama Kinomama Ai no Joke / Ai no Gundan”. This would mark a new record... Read More

December 17, 2013

Morning Musume。Changes Group Name To “Morning Musume。’14”

The producer of Morning Musume。, Tsunku♂, has announced on his blog and official website that Morning Musume。will be changing their group name on January 1, 2014. According to the announcement, the new name would be “Morning Musume。’14.  Tsunku♂ explained, “In order for the group to continue their activity for the next 10, 20, or 30 years, I wanted to ensure that it would be easier for people to find answers to questions such as, ‘when was the single, “xxxx”,... Read More

January 1, 2013

Hello! Project / Live Viewing of Tour Stage for New Spring in Taiwan!

2 stages of Hello! Project’s concert tour for the new spring “Hello! Project 15th Anniversary Year Live 2013 Winter” will be available for live viewing at a designated movie theater in Taiwan. “~Viva!~” and “~Bravo!~” to be held on 1/13/2013 at Nakano Sun Plaza will be broadcasted live on a movie screen at VIESHOW CINEMAS in Taiwan. After the live viewing, an exclusive clip will be shown just for the viewers at the theater. Special concert merchandise will also... Read More

October 29, 2012

Morning Musume。/ First Worldwide Handshake Event Tour!

Morning Musume。had the kickoff event of “Hello! Project 15th Anniversary ~THANK YOU~ Worldwide Handshake Events” in Bangkok, Thailand. At the venue of Gateway Ekamai with a special stage, 3,000 enthusiastic fans gathered together to meet the members whom they have been waiting for a long time. At the handshake event, the members interacted with many fans by expressing their gratitude as they repeated, “Kob kun kaa (‘thank you’ in Thai)” with big smiles on their... Read More

June 14, 2011

Morning Musume。/ Release of “Only You” / 「Only you」をリリース

Following the previous release of “Maji Desu ka Ska!,” Morning Musume。are releasing their 2nd single, which is also the 46th single in total, with the new members, Mizuki Fukumura, Erina Ikuta, Riho Sayashi and Kanon Suzuki.As the current leader, Ai Takahashi, will be leaving the group in the fall of 2011, this new single is filled with the determination of 9 members to keep up the good work. “Only you” Release on 6/15/2011 EPCE-5785 / 1,050 yen (tax in) 前作「まじですかスカ!」に続く、譜久村聖、生田衣梨奈、鞘師里保、鈴木香音を加えた新生モーニング娘。第2弾となる46thシングル。現リーダーの高橋愛が、2011年秋にグループを卒業することもあり、9人の意気込みを感じる一枚に仕上がっている。 「Only... Read More