July 25, 2015

Ani-Song Singer and Voice Actress Becca to Perform at Moshi Moshi Nippon LA

Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival 2015 in Los Angeles announces the addition of singer and voice actress BECCA as a performance guest of honor at its inaugural event this August. She will be performing as part of the entertainment for the KKS Audition 2015 finals on August 1st hosted by Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi. BECCA is a singer/songwriter who has worked under the Sony Japan music label. She has performed theme songs for Black Butler and Ultraviolet Code: 044, as well as voiced the... Read More

July 15, 2015

“MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON” Paris 2015 : Headliners Announced

The headlining acts for the 2015 “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON” festival in Paris have been announced. This year marks the ninth world tour of the “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON” festival, a concert sharing Japanese pop culture worldwide. This year it will be held in Paris from the 3rd of October (Sat) to the 4th of October (Sun). Three acts will headline: CAPSULE, CAPSULE’s Yasutaka Nakata, and BOOM BOOM SATELLITES. This will be BOOM BOOM SATELLITES’ first overseas... Read More

July 4, 2014

Asobi System’s new project “Moshi Moshi Nippon” launched to introduce Japanese “KAWAii” to the World!

Asobi System has launched a new project named “Moshi Moshi Nippon”, which aims at introducing Japanese “KAWAii” to the world, announced their participation at international events such as “JAPAN EXPO” in France, “HYPER JAPAN” in UK and “J-POP SUMMIT” in the US. “JAPAN EXPO” to be held in France from July 2nd to the 6th, and “J-POP SUMMIT” to be held in America on July 19th will feature ”MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Presents KAWAii!! AREA”. And at “HYPER... Read More