December 6, 2013

NIGHTMARE’s new song, “Rewrite” – advance worldwide distribution

NIGHTMARE will release their new song “Rewrite” on January 8, 2014. Advance worldwide distribution of the song will start on January 20, 2014. It can be downloaded now at iTunes, Recochoku, and other big sites. Ni~ya composed the music to “Rewrite”, and RUKA wrote the lyrics. Ni~ya comments, “I put all of my love into this song. Please enjoy this song that I have taken a long time to simmer to perfection.” NIGHTMARE started their national tour at Kawasaki CLUB... Read More

July 17, 2013

NIGHTMARE has eagerness for advance overseas “We want to do solo performance in other country.

NIGHT MARE who just made great success with their commanding solo performance in overseas are showing their eagerness for advance overseas. They just had first solo show at JAPAN EXPO in Paris, France and about 5000 people went wild over for it. During recent years, Many of Visual Kei bands expand their activity internationally, however NIGHTMARE did not proceed their performance in overseas after 10 years of major debut till now, so they were called “The biggest Visual... Read More

July 5, 2013

Sendai Kamotsu Creates Official YouTube Channel and Releases New MV

Sendai Kamotsu, a comical visual band who will be releasing two best albums, “Sukebesuto” and “Sukebesuto 2” on July 10th. They collaborated perfectly covering their heads with a cloth along with Ryuhei Ueshima of Dacho Club on the album jacket, and has established an official YouTube channel. The new piece contains many of the wonderful (wondering?) song they have released in the past. In the DVD attached to the gorgeous BOX version, the MVs created for this time`s release,... Read More

July 4, 2013

Enjoy Network Japan “V-obsession” July 5 Broadcast / X-JAPAN Toshi to appear on Visual-Kei Radio Program

From July 5 (Japan Time), Japan International Broadcasting’s overseas Internet radio station Enjoy Network Japan will be broadcasting their popular program “V-obsession” with an English Message from YOMI from the band NIGHTMARE. NIGHTMARE will be performing at JAPAN EXPO this year, which will take place from July 4 to July 7 in Paris France. This will mark their first overseas performance and to mark that great event YOMI spoke with tons of enthusiasm. In the final part... Read More

January 1, 2011


Nightmare was formed in 2000. After selling out their limited demo recordings and singles that they released as an indie band, they made a major debut in 2003. Ever since then, their pleasant and impressive melodies as well as hilarious banter, which is contrary to their beautiful appearances, fascinate many fans. In 2006, they transferred to Vap, a recording label. “The World/ Almina,” opening and ending theme songs, respectively, for the popular anime series Death... Read More