August 20, 2012

abingdon boys school / New single for abingdon boys school (a.b.s.) “WE aRE” is now available for international digital downloading!

“abingdon boys school”’s new single “WE aRE” is now available for digital downloading in 33 countries around the world! Since their debut, they’ve been working actively toward the global market, releasing an album for European limited edition and gone around 6 countries such as Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, and England on a tour titled “abingdon boys school EUROPE TOUR 2009” This new single will be their first release after an interval of 3 years,... Read More

August 15, 2012

abingdon boys school / Pre-Release of Theme Song for “Sengoku BASARA”

Prior to the official release of “WE aRE” on 9/5/2012, abingdon boys school made a global digital pre-release in 33 countries around the world! Since their domestic debut, abingdon boys school have always kept the global music scene in mind that they released European versions of their CDs and also held lives in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France and UK in the past. They are now finally bringing their very first digital pre-release to the world! Release Information: Global... Read More