April 2, 2015

Modern Japanesque Art J-Pop/Rock group, PASSEPIED will make their International debut at THE GREAT ESCAPE.

Their International-only EP “OZASHIKI MUSIQUE” to be released in April. TRACKLISTING 1. MATATABISTEP 2. YES/NO 3. Tokyo City Underground (English ver.) 4. Chinatown 5. Tow-Ryang-Say 6. The Meditation (English ver.) 7. Cinema 8. S.S ARTIST OVERVIEW PASSEPIED are: Natsuki Ogoda – vocal, illustration Narita Haneda – keyboard, compose, arrange, produce Masahiro Misawa – guitar Yoshikuni Tuyuzaki – bass Takuya Yao – drums Japanese... Read More

October 22, 2014

Passepied’s “MAKUNOUCHI-ISM”, English version out to the world

Passipied’s new release, “MAKUNOUCIHI-ISM e.p” will be released in Japan and overseas on October 22. “MAKUNOUCIHI-ISM e.p” is an EP of English versions of “MATATABISTEP”, “TORYANSE”, “Tokyo City•Underground” and “MEISO” off of their latest release, “MAKUNOUCIHI-ISM”. It also contains a remix of “MATATABISTEP” by beat maker Seiho. Seiho appeared at Passepied’s “INSHO C” Osaka show, and also works in a unit called Sugar’s Campaign.... Read More

January 1, 2011


Formed in 2009 by keyboardist Haneda Narita. The name of the band was derived from Claude Debussy’s piano piece “Passepied”. They have gained attention for their unique music filled with sounds from the ‘70s to the ‘00s, with an excellent music theory background and techniques, and for the art works and music videos created by their vocalist Natsuki Ogoda. They released their first mini-album “Watashi Kaika Shita Wa” in 2011 and the second mini-album “ONOMIMONO”... Read More