August 5, 2014

Alice Nine’s first Asia tour is a success

Alice Nine embarked on a 20-show Japan tour and a 14-show Asia tour in April to support “Supernova”, their latest album that was released on March 19. The tours lasted for a total of three months and consisted of a total of 34 shows. Alice Nine played in Wuhan, Chongqing, Xiamen, Taichung, and Kuala Lumpur, cities that Japanese bands rarely perform at. They ignited the crowds at all cites and ended the tour with a bang at Seoul’s Rolling Hall in July 5. The band will... Read More

June 5, 2014

BORN As Main Stage Act At Taiwanese Festival

It has been confirmed that BORN would be performing at the music festival “山海屯音樂節 HI HEART-TOWN FESTIVAL 2014″ in Taipei on August 9 (Sat) and 10 (Sun). BORN participated in an event in Taiwan in April 2014 and left a long-lasting impression there with their grandiose performance. The festival will star a gorgeous lineup this year, including the likes of SiM, renowned Japanese Reggae Punk band, the worldwide sensation, CROSSFAITH, the American Metalcore... Read More

April 15, 2014

SuG, Distribution of Special Program of the Legendary Revival Live Concert on Nico-Live

SuG is releasing their Live concert DVD/Blu-ray “SuG OnemanShow 2013”update ver.0” on April 16th. On the day of the release, they will distribute a special program on Niconico Live broadcast. In the program, they will not only broadcast the Live image selected from this piece, but also images of members preparing their best perfomance for the One-man Live at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall of Tokyo on May 6th and more for about 2.5 hours. Niconico Live broadcast “SuG Just... Read More

April 1, 2014

SCREW Byo (Vo) To Appear As Model On “CIVARIZE” Catalogue For 4th Time

SCREW’s Byo (Vo) will be making his fourth model appearance on the 2014, spring/summer catalogue of “CIVARIZE”, a popular brand amongst 109MEN’s. Just like the time before, Byo would be featured on the cover of the catalogue with fellow label-mate band ViViD’s iv (B). They will appear wearing the new items from the spring/summer lines of “CIVARIZE”, where Byo would be featured as “black style” and iv would be featured as “white style”. The catalogue would... Read More

March 18, 2014

Alice Nine’s New Album Digitally Available in 35 Countries

Alice Nine’s new original album, “Supernova,” which will be released on March 19, will be available through iTunes in 35 countries. The worldwide release date is also March 19. Alice Nine is celebrating their tenth anniversary year in 2014, and their new single “SHINING,” which was released on February 26, was number one on the Shibuya Tower Records J-POP single chart for the period of February 24 to March 2. Releasing the new album to fans worldwide... Read More

February 14, 2014

Alice Nine Announces Large-Scale Asia Tour

Alice Nine has announced that they will be going on their first-ever Asia tour. Alice Nine, who is celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2014, will release their new single “SHINING” on February 26 followed by their first original album in about two years on March 19, entitled “Supernova.” Following the album release, they will set off on a nationwide tour in April entitled “Supernova Symphonia.” With 2014 already promising to be a year full... Read More

December 10, 2013

SuG Official Offline Fan Event “update ver.0” in Taiwan!!

SuG announced live-viewing of their concert at theaters overseas on December 29th and now they just announced they will hold an official fan event after the viewing in Taiwan. This event will be held only for fans of SuG so the fans coming to the live-viewing can communicate and network with each other. This fan-meeting will feature some special projects that can’t be happening even in Japan, such as special messages from SuG’s members and there will be autographed... Read More

December 3, 2013

Sug’s concert on December 29th 2013,SuG Onemanshow 2013 “update ver.0” will be broadcasted live at theaters overseas.

SuG is a five-piece rock band formed in 2006. All the members compose the songs and their unique combination of fashion, visual, and novels with music is known as “3D music”, drawing attention from all over the world. SuG paused their activities on December in 2012 at Yoyogi National Stadium Second Gymnasium. But they declared they would resume their career at their surprise street performance in Harajuku on September 20th 2013 after 9months’ silence. The long-awaited... Read More

September 27, 2012

the GazettE / New Album to be Released in 62 Countries

“DIVISION,” the new album released on 8/29 by one of Japan’s top visual rock bands “the GazettE,” will now be released worldwide in 62 different countries. It will be released in 39 countries in Europe, including UK, Germany, France and Italy and 14 countries in Asia, including Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. In addition to north/south Americas including Canada, USA, Brazil and Chile, it will also be released in Australia and New Zealand. For exclusive areas in Europe... Read More

August 23, 2011


Visual bands gathered together to invade CC Lemon Hall in Shibuya for 7 days this summer!!! Presented by PS COMPANY, a management company of various visual rock bands, “PEACE AND SMILE CARNIVAL 7DAY” was held for 7 consecutive days from 8/11 to 8/17 at CC Lemon Hall in Shibuya with a grand finale on 8/17. During this event, the performances and sessions by PS COMPANY’s 8 bands contentinued on as for a real carnival. On the first day, Kra’s Keiyuu and D=out’s... Read More