September 18, 2014

QURULI’s new album “THE PIER” is out on iTunes worldwide!

QURULI, Japanese alternative rock band from Kyoto, has just released their latest studio album “THE PIER” on September 17th. The album, a dazzling reflection of various kinds of music from the world / different periods, is now available on iTunes worldwide. Jun Tamukai who has directed videos by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, RIP SLYME, and SEKAI NO OWARI created unique video clips. You can watch the videos on the band’s official YouTube Channel. The band will hold... Read More

December 14, 2011

Quruli / Successful Solo Tour Lives in Korea and China!

Quruli recently had tour lives in Korea on 11/27 and in China on 11/29. Their live on 11/27 was the very first solo live in Korea. They participated in “JISAN VALLEY ROCK FESTIVAL,” a Korean rock festival as prominent as Japan’s “Fuji Rock,” in summer this year. With a great welcome by the Korean audience, they presented their comeback stage in Seoul. On 11/29, Quruli performed in Shanghai where they once presented a stage at “Taishan Rock... Read More

September 6, 2011

QURULI / Nationwide Tour with New Members

QURULI made an announcement of their one-man tour “QURULI One-man Live Tour 2011,” starting in November. Welcoming 3 new members, QURULI is starting anew with a total of 5 members for their nationwide tour starting on 11/7(Mon) at CLUB QUATTRO in Hiroshima. Their venues will include not only new live houses in Japan, but also locations in Korea and China, totaling up to 12 lives in 9 cities. ※Live details for Korea and China will be announced at a later date. Official... Read More

January 1, 2011


Vocals, Guitar: Kishida Shigeru Bass: Satou Masashi Trumpet, Vocals: Fan Fan Trying to peg a band like Quruli into one genre is simply impossible; with a constantly evolving sound, their music is a mix of soft rock with psychedelic, country, punk, blues, and sometimes techno hints. Never afraid to try new things, their experimental compositions are some of the best not only in Japan, but world-wide. Official Website: Related posts:QURULI / Nationwide Tour... Read More