February 4, 2013

Sally Miura / First Overseas Performance in Korea

Sally Miura’s very first overseas performance took place on 1/25/2013 at New Century Hall in the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, Korea. This live was organized as a new project by PROMIC(Foundation for Promotion of Music industry and Culture) and JMIC(Japan Music Information Center) of the Japanese Embassy in Korea in order to encourage cultural promotion and interaction with other countries through music. Sally Miura performed in the showcase held at “TIMM(TOKYO INTERNATIONAL... Read More

September 4, 2012

Sally Miura / Introducing Chinese Version of ‘Koi no Uta ~Kimi ni Deaete~’

The new queen of digital releases, Sally Miura, recently introduced a Chinese version of her #1 hit song ‘Koi no Uta ~Kimi ni Deaete~’ on YouTube and other video clip websites as well. She has been receiving a tremendous amount of support from teenagers. For her future releases, she is planning to prepare a Chinese version for each Japanese original song. She will now gain attention and support in China while continuing to be the queen of digital releases in Japan. Official... Read More

January 1, 2011

Sally Miura

Sally Miura, a 24-years old female singer from Akita prefecture, is a beautiful and intelligent woman who graduated from Ferris University. She made her pre-debut with “Aitakute…feat. JOYSTICKK” in December 2010. This song finished second in a music contest done via a blind questionnaire with Shibuya high school girls, and attracted the largest number of hits on a major lyrics search site right after it became available. She also created a buzz by featuring Mizuki Nishikawa,... Read More