September 20, 2016

Sonar Pocket’s First International Show Celebrated Their 8th Anniversary in Guam

September 3rd makes Sonar Pocket’s 8th anniversary. To celebrate with fans, they threw a solo show at SAND CASTLE in Guam titled “Sonapocketism-Natsu no Jin 2016”. This was their first international show. Once the show started the cand played 14 songs including encore for fans who gathered at the venue. Their first international show was a big success. Official Website: Twitter: Related posts:Sonar PocketSonar... Read More

April 5, 2016

Sonar Pocket Confirms First Overseas Performance

Sonar Pocket will perform live in Guam on September 3. This will be their first overseas performance without any supporting acts. They made this announcement during a live program “Sonar Pocket 7th Anniversary 7 Hour Live Program -‘Omorashi’ Shitemo Iidesuka?-” which was streamed live on video broadcast platform “AmebaFRESH!”. Commemorating their 7th anniversary, they presented various gifts to the fans when the view count reached a multiple of seven. The announcement... Read More

January 1, 2011

Sonar Pocket

Sonar Pocket is known for the relatable love song for the generation. The three piece band’s music is formed over the track maker, DJ matty’s refined pop sound, ko-dai’s melancholic voice, and eyeron’s honest, innocent but soulful message in the lyric. The three have different musical backgrounds, such as ROCK, HIP HOP, and RAGGAE. When these elements are woven into refined pop, it grabs the hearts of both genders from all generations. The relatable... Read More