December 26, 2014

Southern All Stars finally in iTunes Music Store. Distribution in 111 countries worldwide

Southern All Stars started distributing all of their 266 songs on iTunes Store on December 17. As far as singles go, everything from their June 25, 1978 debut song, “KATTE NI Sindibaad” to their 36th release on September 10, 2014, titled “Tokyo VICTORY”, will be available on iTunes. This amounts to 55 singles excluding live recordings. 14 albums, starting with their August 25, 1978 release “ATSUI MUNASAWAGI” to their October 5, 2005 release, “Killer Street”,... Read More

January 1, 2011


The band’s roots trace back to 1975, when Kuwata Keisuke was part of a popular group Better Days. The group saw many changes to its name and members. It was when keyboardist Hara Yuko and bassist Sekiguchi Kazuyuki joined the group that it had a permanent name. After more and more changes of members, the group finally saw light as they released their debut single Katte ni Sinbad in 1978. After several appearances of the song on TV, the single climbed to #3 on the Oricon... Read More