June 22, 2015

GOTCHAROCKA will release their first full album in two years on August 18, their three-year anniversary. Japan “one-man” tour also to be held

GOTCHAROCKA is comprised of Jui, JUN, and Toya. Their first album in two years has just been released. It’s been two years since GOTCHAROCKA’s first album, “Crisis”. This new album, titled “Royale”, goes back their natural form of expression that says, “If Jui sings and JUN and Toya play, then that’s the GOTCHAROCKA sound”. They expose all with this album. The singles include “UCHIAI”, which sparks the live shows, “Shortcake”, which is the ending... Read More

October 4, 2011

SPIV STATES / One-man Live on 11/17!

CLOUD is a label established by MAVERICK DC to discover and bring up new artists with the concept of “From Japan to the whole world.” CLOUD proudly presented SPIV STATES as their very first artist unit! As releasing the 2nd Mini Album ” FUTARINOHOSHI” on 7/13, SPIV STATES held a special one-night-only live on 8/13 with a grand lineup of guest players, Kiyoshi(hide with Spread Beaver), TAKASHI(BUG), GO(Sads/SUNS OWL). SPIV STATES also participated in “JACK... Read More

January 1, 2011


After Phantasmagoria disbanded back in 2008, guitarist JUN started his solo career called attic, surprising his fans with a new colorful look featuring bright pink hair; despite its promise, the project was short lived. At the end of 2009, he reunited with his former band mate IORI and together they formed the new group spiv states. Supported by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, the band’s first live was held on November 18th at Tokyo Kinema Club. In December, they played at several... Read More