January 4, 2016

STARMARIE to Perform at One of Taiwan’s Biggest Indie Comic Book Events.

A Japanese fantasy idol, STARMARIE has been regularly playing in Taiwan and had 4 solo shows in Taiwan in 2015. They are now ready to hit the stage of “FANCY FRONTIER”, an indie comic book event to be held on the 30th and 31st of January 2016 at Taipei Expo Park in Taipei Taiwan. ”FANCY FRONTIER” is organized by monthly FRONTIER and Taiwanese comic book committee, and is called “Taiwanedse version of Comic Market”. STARMARIE is going to perform along with local... Read More

August 5, 2015

STARMARIE’s regular performances in Taiwan. Repeat performance in Taiwan in September

STARMARIE played their fourth concert in Taiwan on July 4 and 5. STARMARIE performed with You Kikkawa, Juririjuriran Mirai Gorogorogoroni 13sei, Mi*N~Ki, and TIRA at JOSHIGUZO ONGAKUSAI vol.1 and vol.2 at PIPE LIVE MUSIC, Taiwan on July 4. On the next day (July 5), they were special guests at You Kikkawa’s solo show You Kikkawa Live Tour in Taipei ~YOU-GENJIKKO!~ that was held at the same venue. That same evening, they peformed their second Taiwan “one-man” show and their... Read More

June 19, 2015

You Kikkawa’s Taiwan “one-man” show confirmed. Joint Japan/Taiwan idol event with STARMARIE

You Kikkawa’s Taiwan “one-man” show has been confirmed. Kikkawa will perform with STARMARIE for JOSHI GUZO ONGAKUSAI at PIPE Live Music in Taipei, Taiwan on July 4. This is a joint Japan/Taiwan idol event with Taiwanese idol JURIRIJURIRIRAN MIRAI GOROGORO KOLONI JUUSANSEI. You Kikkawa Live Tour in Taipei ~TOMOGEN JIKKO!~ will be held on July 5 at PIPE Live Music at 13:00. STARMARIE TANDOKU KOEN ~THE FANTASY WORLD~ will start at 16:00. The two will appear as special... Read More

June 3, 2015

STARMARIE to sing ending theme song of TV anime “Card Fight!! Vanguard G” “Mekurumeku Yuuki!” Single to be released on August 19

Internationally renowned idols STARMARIE are slated for anime Card Fight!! Vanguard G’s (TV Tokyo, airing every Sunday at 10 a.m.) ending theme, “Mekurumeku Yuuki!”, the fight song for Vanguard Fighters. Card Fight!! Vanguard G is slated for 37 episodes beginning July 19th, while the single CD will be released on August 19th. Throughout the seven years since their formation, STARMARIE’s Japan-based fans have begged for the girls to sing the theme song for an anime... Read More

April 25, 2015

Taiwan STARMARIE One Man Live Show a wild success! The first Japanese idols to perform regularly in Taiwan announce show in Zhuhai, China in October!

STARMARIE journeyed to Taiwan for their “STARMARIE ASIA TOUR 2015” ~FANTASTIC~ powered by e-earphone, stirring up the Local-vs-Band show on April 17, and performing in conjunction with NOTTV Music Nyt on April 18 at Taipei Expo Park. Decked out in their new original costumes designed by Hasidume Momo, STARMARIE arrived onstage to wild applause from a packed venue. The highlight of the show was the wild encore calls from audience members who had not previously heard of STARMARIE.... Read More

April 10, 2015

Mai Kotone plays a “one-man” concert in Taiwan and appears as guest at STARMARIE’s Taipei show

“Lifetime idol” Mai Kotone played a “one-man” concert in Taipei. Mai Kotone sings “Parade Illusion”, the ending them to the anime, “KAITO Joker”. Her popularity has spread from just idol fans to families. She has even started performing overseas. Kotone will go on a Japan / Taiwan tour, called [Mai Kotone TOUR 2015 “MAI RING vol.3 Mai Kotone lovers xx”], that will span five months. The first part will be a “one-man” concert at Taipei PIPE on April... Read More

October 7, 2014

Moso Calibration, WHY@DOLL, Rio Hiiragi Added to the Line-Up for Little Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei

Little Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei, which brings Japanese Kawaii to the Asian Market, will be held on November 16th at The Wall in Taiwan. The event added 4 performers and the last to be announced was Moso Calibration, a sister group of Dempagumi. Inc. Moso Calibration was formed in March 2013 at Akihabara Dear Stage, Tokyo, and their creative director is Mofuku Chan, who produces Dempagumi.inc. This will be their first performance overseas and they are expected to follow their... Read More

October 2, 2014

Taiwan to the Philippines. French radio exclusive. STARMARIE’s popularity continues to accelerate overseas

Fantasy idol unit, STARMARIE, performed in Taiwan on September 10 and 11 and will play in the Philippines on September 18. One TV program and three newspapers covered the Taiwan performances. The group’s September 19 show at Movie Stars Café was cancelled because of Typhoon No.16 (Fung-wong). However, they did appear on the stage on the third day, September 20. Producer Yusuke Takatani Twitcasted the performance live, and the video footage can still be viewed online. To coincide... Read More

August 14, 2014

Six up-and-coming idol groups on a covers album. “RE:IDOL~HAJIMETE NO CHU” set for September 3 release

“RE:IDOL” is a project that was started in March 2014 that brings back hit idol songs from the past. This project will release an album titled “RE:IDOL~HAJIMETE NO CHU” on September 3. STARMARIE, Feam, CANDY GO!GO!, EBISUBASHI PRINCESS, Fruity, and Dela will take part in the album. These are all groups that have strong presences in the idol scene. Each group will cover two classic hit songs. Specially selected members will sing “HAJIMARI” and “HAJIMETE NO CHU”... Read More

May 27, 2014

Starmarie’s Philippines show “BOA SUMMER LIVE” was a huge success. Recruiting new members

The idol unit, Starmarie, performed in New York at in March. They also just performed as a guest act at “BOA SUMMER LIVE” in Manila, Philippines. is an event held by the anime convention in the Philippines. Starmarie has already played the event in September of 2013, so 500 fans packed the show this time around. Starmarie played seven songs, including their lead track, “MITSUBOSHI Restaurant Paul KARA NO SHŌTAIJŌ”. They captivated the hearts of overseas... Read More