SuG, Distribution of Special Program of the Legendary Revival Live Concert on Nico-Live

SuG is releasing their Live concert DVD/Blu-ray “SuG OnemanShow 2013”update ver.0” on April 16th. On the day of the release, they will distribute a special program on Niconico Live broadcast. In the program, they will not only broadcast the Live image selected from this piece, but also images of members preparing their best perfomance for the One-man Live at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall of Tokyo on May 6th and more for about 2.5 hours. Niconico Live broadcast “SuG Just... Read More

SuG × SPINNS Collaboration Starts & Limited Distribution Of Original Collaboration Music Video

SuG began a special collaboration with the Harajuku-style casual fashion shop chain “SPINNS” on January 31. With Takeru, the vocalist for SuG, originally working as a model for the Harajuku-style fashion magazine “KERA” and owning his own original brand, SuG has had a renowned fashion sense. As a part of this time’s collaboration project, SuG will be jacking the signboards at “SPINNS Shinsaibashi” and “SPINNS Nagoya” beginning January 31. Furthermore, beginning... Read More

SuG Official Offline Fan Event “update ver.0” in Taiwan!!

SuG announced live-viewing of their concert at theaters overseas on December 29th and now they just announced they will hold an official fan event after the viewing in Taiwan. This event will be held only for fans of SuG so the fans coming to the live-viewing can communicate and network with each other. This fan-meeting will feature some special projects that can’t be happening even in Japan, such as special messages from SuG’s members and there will be autographed... Read More

Sug’s concert on December 29th 2013,SuG Onemanshow 2013 “update ver.0” will be broadcasted live at theaters overseas.

SuG is a five-piece rock band formed in 2006. All the members compose the songs and their unique combination of fashion, visual, and novels with music is known as “3D music”, drawing attention from all over the world. SuG paused their activities on December in 2012 at Yoyogi National Stadium Second Gymnasium. But they declared they would resume their career at their surprise street performance in Harajuku on September 20th 2013 after 9months’ silence. The long-awaited... Read More

JROCK EVOLUTION / Alice Nine, MUCC, and Unite in Fierce Competition in Jakarta

Neo-Visual Kei bands participated in the live event tour “JROCK EVOLUTION 2012,” beginning on October 5th in Singapore. The 2nd stop on the tour was a performance in Jakarta held on October 7th at Skenoo Hall Jakarta Hall#B. This show featured MUCC and Unite, who also took part in the Singapore performance, as well as Alice. With all 3 bands vying for attention, the audience packed into the venue was overwhelmed. Live Information: “JROCK EVOLUTION 2012” “JROCK EVOLUTION... Read More

JROCK EVOLUTION 2012 / Kicking Off in Singapore TODAY!!

“JROCK EVOLUTION 2012” with a brilliant lineup of top V-ROCK bands is finally kicking off today 10/5/2012(Fri) in Singapore for its Asia Tour! Throughout the series of lives of including the stages in Asia, “JROCK EVOLUTION 2012” has a total lineup of all-star neo-visual rock bands—MUCC, Alice Nine, girugamesh, SuG, UNiTE. and D=OUT, consisted of 28 artists in total of 6 bands. After the kickoff in Singapore today, Asia Tour will continue on to Jakarta and Taiwan and... Read More

JROCK EVOLUTION / Announcement of Live in Taiwan & New Artist Lineup!

With the world premiere held at Tokyo DiverCity, “JROCK EVOLUTION 2012” has been receiving a tremendous amount of attention and support from around the world. New information for “JROCK EVOLUTION 2012” has been announced regarding an additional live in Taiwan and the updated artist lineup. The additional live in Taiwan will be held on 10/21 at Legacy Taipei with the artist lineup of MUCC, Alice Nine and girugamesh. This will be the very first time for girugamesh to participate... Read More

JROCK EVOLUTION 2012 / Proudly Presents Japan’s Exclusive Visual Bands to Asia -World, Get Ready for the Biggest JROCK Evolution Ever! -

“JROCK EVOLUTION 2012” Proudly Presents Japan’s Exclusive Visual Bands to Asia -World, Get Ready for the Biggest JROCK Evolution Ever! - <MUCC, Alice Nine, girugamesh, SuG, UNiTE., D-OUT> 6 of the representative Visual-kei bands of Japan will go on a tour in Japan and Asian countries! ■Touring around various countries in Asia Appearing in the Japanese music scene like a mutant genre in the late 1980′s, “visual-kei” (a.k.a. v-rock) is now a legitimate... Read More

SuG / Successful First Asia Tour & Final Tour at Nakano Sun Plaza This Weekend!!

SuG’s first Asia tour [SuG ASIA TOUR 2012 “The Lollipop Kingdom Show”] started off on 5/27 in Seoul and continued on to Hong Kong on 6/7 at Hang Out, then to Taiwan on 6/9 at The Wall. In Hong Kong, their comments in Cantonese and a set list of songs from their recent album excited the audience to the max! For Taiwan, it was their second time to have a solo live, so most of the audience was capable of understanding Japanese. Also, SuG themselves naturally responded in Mandarin... Read More

SuG / First Asia Tour Kickoff in Seoul

Continuing soon after the domestic Zepp tour started from 5/1, SuG’s very first Asia tour [SuG TOUR 2012"The Lollipop Kingdom Show" in ASIA] kicked off in Seoul, Korea on 5/27-28 at Hongdae Sang Sang Madang Live Hall. They performed in front of a welcoming audience who waited for them to visit Korea for a long time. SuG’s Asia tour is continuing on to Hong Kong on 6/7 and to Taiwan on 6/9 until the tour grand final live on 6/17 at Nakano Sun Plaza. Live Information: [SuG... Read More