June 11, 2014

[Live Report] Sukima Switch’s Magnificient Opening at “JAPAN NIGHT” Day 1

The first day of the final musical event at the National Olympic Stadium, “SAYONARA Kokuritsu Gyogijou FINAL WEEK JAPAN NIGHT,” entitled “Yell for Japan,” was held on May 28. We would like to bring you a report of Sukima Switch’s performance. Following a video about the history of the National Olympic Stadium and a ceremony of lighting the “Olympic” flame, the performance began. Getting the ball rolling for the two-day event was Sukima... Read More

January 1, 2011


Sukima Switch is a J-pop duo consisting of core members Takuya Ōhashi, born May 9, 1978, and Shintarō Tokita, born February 25, 1978. Ōhashi’s musical duties include vocals, guitar, and harmonica while Tokita’s duties include piano/keyboard, numerous other instruments and overall production. Most of the other instrumentation heard on their albums is handled by guests and studio musicians. In this sense, their band structure and chemistry are very similar to that... Read More