August 25, 2014

RUKI of the GazettE starts an organic cosmetic brand

RUKI of the GazettE created an organic cosmetic brand called “VITAL MATERIAL”. RUKI, who has always been interested in cosmetics, started a unisex cosmetic brand that fuses music, art, and organics. He plays a huge role in approving all the ingredients, aromas, package design, and product development. VITAL MATERIAL CONCEPT The concept was born from the idea of wanting to experience the essence of plants with all five senses. The freshness and clarity of the plants have... Read More

November 6, 2013

the GazettE’s New Album Ranks-In In European Charts

the GazettE released their new album “BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY” on October 23. Along with ranking-in in the TOP 10 in iTunes charts in Europe including The UK and France, the hash tag for the name of the new album, “BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY”, came up as one of the worldwide trend word for Twitter. “BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY” is the seventh original album release by the leading visual kei band, the GazettE, which was released on October 23 in 79 countries around the world. Just before... Read More

July 24, 2013

the GazettE Concert DVD Excerpt on YouTube

the GazettE released their concert DVD, entitled “the GazettE LIVE TOUR 12-13 [DIVISION] FINAL MELT LIVE AT 03.10 SAITAMA SUPER ARENA” on June 26th. At the time of the release, they also opened their official YouTube channel, onto which they uploaded an excerpt of the DVD as well as some of the music videos they have released up until this point. The footage from “the GazettE LIVE TOUR 12-13 [DIVISION] FINAL MELT LIVE AT 03.10 SAITAMA SUPER ARENA,” as... Read More

September 27, 2012

the GazettE / New Album to be Released in 62 Countries

“DIVISION,” the new album released on 8/29 by one of Japan’s top visual rock bands “the GazettE,” will now be released worldwide in 62 different countries. It will be released in 39 countries in Europe, including UK, Germany, France and Italy and 14 countries in Asia, including Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. In addition to north/south Americas including Canada, USA, Brazil and Chile, it will also be released in Australia and New Zealand. For exclusive areas in Europe... Read More

September 26, 2011

A visual heavy rock band, the GazettE, will make an appearance on “J-MELO,” a music program on “NHK World” on 10/3

“J-MELO” is a program entirely in English which serves the role of “connecting Japan to the rest of the world through music” and is aired in about 180 countries around the world. the GazettE has been selected by viewer votes all around the world for the annual “J-MELO Awards” and this time, their long-waited appearance is finally confirmed as well as their very first studio live on this program. For domestic broadcasting, the program will be... Read More

August 23, 2011


Visual bands gathered together to invade CC Lemon Hall in Shibuya for 7 days this summer!!! Presented by PS COMPANY, a management company of various visual rock bands, “PEACE AND SMILE CARNIVAL 7DAY” was held for 7 consecutive days from 8/11 to 8/17 at CC Lemon Hall in Shibuya with a grand finale on 8/17. During this event, the performances and sessions by PS COMPANY’s 8 bands contentinued on as for a real carnival. On the first day, Kra’s Keiyuu and D=out’s... Read More

January 1, 2011

the GazettE

the GazettE tore into Tokyo’s gig circuit in 2002, and have been tearing up stages across the world ever since. In 2006 the band earned their first headline performance at the infamous Budokan, and after further huge arena shows, managed to conquer the 55,000-seater Tokyo Dome by 2010. Rarely satisfied, the GazettE continued to cover new ground in 2011, participating in major festivals across Japan and continually evolving their sound. In 2013 they successfully completed their... Read More