September 24, 2014

Distribution of Strange Reitaro Travel Swing Orchestra and THE ORAL CIGARETTES On New TV Program HIP LAND MUSIC

A new TV program of HIP LAND MUSIC “Yoru no bucchi Studio” will start on Ustream on September 17th (Wed.) 9:00 PM.The “Yoru no bucchi Studio” is a new TV program by HIP LAND MUSIC, the office which artists such as Sakanakushon, avengers in sci-fi, KANA-BOON belongs to, and the Label LITE, Kidori Kidori, and Predawn belonogs to. The program will distribute information of artists related to the company. In the first broadcast, images of the July one-man Live of THE ORAL... Read More

July 26, 2014

Kidori Kidori, The ORAL CIGARETTES Will Appear on Ustream Program on 7/28(JST)!

Kidori Kidori and THE ORAL CIGARETTES will appear on Ustream program on July 28th at 8:30 PM for a talk session. Also the program is to review HighApps Vol.19 and HighApps Tours in July. Live performance at HighApps Vol.19 includes the Flickers, The fin., THE ORAL CIGARETTES, LAMP IN TERREN, GOOD ON THE REEL and Akairo no Glitter. The live performance from HighApps Tours includes Kidori Kidori, THE ORAL CIGARETTES, Frederic, She Her Her Hers, and Sawagi. Also there will be some... Read More

July 7, 2014

THE ORAL CIGARETTES’ Performance at HighApps TOURS 2014 Has Been Cancelled

THE ORAL CIGARETTES has cancelled thier Sendai and Mito performance at High Apps Tour on July 9th and 10th due to Takuya Yamanaka’s pneumonia with bronchitis. HighApps TOURS will go on with the remaining acts but if requested, the advance tickets will be refunded. The detail is to be announced after discussion by organizer and local promoters They will resume activities from the in-store performance on September 15th. Official Website Related... Read More

June 6, 2014

[Live report] Singapore gets excited about Japanese music. Naoto Inti Raymi, THE ORAL CIGARETTES, and CREAM play “JAPAN NIGHT 2014 in MUSIC MATTERS”

“MUSIC MATTERS”, one of the world’s top three biggest music expos, was held in Singapore from May 21 to 24. “JAPAN NIGHT 2014 in MUSIC MATTERS”, a Japanese music showcase, was held on the night of the 22nd at Clarke Quay, the country’s hottest night spot. Naoto Inti Raymi, THE ORAL CIGARETTES, and CREAM played on this hot Singapore night. SID, a top Japanese visual-kei band, and Flumpool, who already has a Singaporean fan base, played “J-ROCK... Read More

April 25, 2014

THE ORAL CIGARETTES go on a Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka “one-man” tour in July

THE ORAL CIGARETTES announced their first “one-man” (no opening act) tour in Tokyo and in their hometown of Nara the other day. An announcement for a Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, has already been made. THE ORAL CIGARETTES hosted a five-show, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka event called from March 30 to April 13. They started off spring with a bang by selling out most of the shows. The band is also scheduled to play big events such as VIVA LA ROCK, METROCK 2014, and Space... Read More

December 5, 2013

THE ORAL CIGARETTES, the tickets for the “Two Man Event” shows at every year end were all SOLD OUT and announced appearing in opening act of Dec.27th New Audiogram event!

THE ORAL CIGARETTES released their first nation wide version of “Orange No Nukegara, the Proof of Love I lived for” this year. The two man event “Kuchibiru Fest. Nenma Two Man Toe-Mei-Han Kettsen Tour No Maki” is about to start, and the tickets for the final venue of the tour Shindaita are sold out on the first day. That tells us all tickets for the entire tour of Toe-Mei-Han have been already all sold out. It was announced that that THE ORAL CIGARETTES... Read More

June 26, 2013

Ten Upcoming Artists Gather at the Stage of “Livemasters CHOICE×HighApps “ Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Tour!!

“Livemasters CHOICE × HighApps “, a music event held at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO on April 21(Sun) 2013, will go on a Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka QUATTRO tour in August. The event is organized as the third collaboration event of “Livemasters CHOICE “ by Livemasters Inc., which produces live music events for various artists, and “HighApps” by HIP LAND MUSIC. Just as the previous one, the event will feature 10 upcoming young talents performing on the same stage. Advance tickets... Read More

January 1, 2011


THE ORAL CIGARETTES won the first ever MASH A&R rock contest, which is in cooperation with “MUSICA”, “A-Sketch”, “SPACE SHOWER TV”, and “HIP LAND MUSIC”. After forming in 2010, the band has gained a huge following with their energetic live performances, not only in their hometown of Nara, but also in the Kansai-region of Japan. Their physically aggressive live shows, finely tuned musical arrangements, and Takuya Yamanaka’s (vocal, guitar) introspective... Read More