November 24, 2016

THE YELLOW MONKEY Will Stream Their Live Performance at Theaters in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

4On December, 28th, THE YELLOW MONKEY will live-stream their fan-club exclusive performance at Nippon Budokan in theaters in Hong Kong and Taiwan, which is titled “ THE YELLOW MONKEY SUPER MEKARA UROKO 27”. This will be one night only premium performance to close the reunion year. The live streaming has already been announced for 47 prefectures in Japan but this time the opportunity will go to theaters overseas . THE YELLOW MONKEY SUPER MEKARA UROKO 27 Live Viewing December... Read More

November 26, 2012

THE YELLOW MONKEY Releases Their Digital Exclusive Live Album Worldwide in 39 Countries

THE YELLOW MONKEY released their live album, RED TAPE “NAKED,” as a digital exclusive in 39 countries around the world on November 21 (Wed). This album is a compilation of 14 songs chosen from their DVD box set RED TAPE “NAKED,” which will be released on December 3 (Mon). The album was released worldwide through the iTunes Store in 39 countries simultaneously, a historical first for the band. Moreover, in addition to releasing this live album, THE YELLOW MONKEY also decided... Read More

January 1, 2011


THE YELLOW MONKEY is a rock band formed in 1988. Their style shows an influence from glam rock and British rock. Their solid rock performance and Yoshii’s cynical and witty lyrics brought a lot of fans to them. However, while the band was getting popular, the members were not so sure about the band’s future, and paused the its activity in January 2001, then broke up on July 7th 2004. The members, Kazuya Yoshii (Vo), Hideaki Kikuchi (Guitar), Yoichi Hirose (Bass) and... Read More