December 1, 2015

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Enchanted 63000 Audience in Mexico.

On November 12th, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra performed as a guest act for an Argentinian legendary ska band, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs ‘s concert. This came true when Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’s members witnessed Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s Performance in Mexico. About 63 thousand audience got together at the venue “Foro Sol”. Even though the band was the guest act, they were welcomed by as much applause as the main act, performing “5days TEQUILA”... Read More

March 1, 2015

JAPAN NIGHT in Jakarta. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra confirmed as third performing artist!

JAPAN NIGHT is a music festival that introduces the greatness of Japanese music to the world. The third artist for the Jakarta, Indonesia show of JAPAN NIGHT was just announced. It is Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra who has been leading the Japanese rock/ska scene. They will be joining VAMPS and [Alexandros] on the lineup. We should all go see these three different bands with three distinct rock sounds. Official site: http: // JAPAN NIGHT in Jakarta Date:April... Read More

July 5, 2013

The New Video by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Takeshi Hosomi Published on YouTube

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s title track from their new album”Diamond In Your Heart”, coming out on July 3rd, will be published on YouTube. The song features Takeshi Hosomi from the HIATUS as a guest vocal. The video is based on the final night performance at Nagoya DIAMON HALL of their exclusive Tomeihan tour called “Aratanaru Yokubo”. On this night, Hoso made a guest appearance as a secret guest and the video was shot by a movie director UGICHIN. This is a rare... Read More

May 6, 2013

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra & Takeshi Hosomi get Mexico excited

As the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Takeshi Hosomi took the stage at , their next stage was in Mexico. We will deliver you the live report sent from their official page. As the first Japanese artist to do so, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (aka Skapara) stood on the main stage of . Takeshi Hosomi (the HIATUS) made quite an impact on Japanese music listeners when he came out on Skapara’s stage with a suit matching with Skapara. But the impact did not stop at Coachella. The... Read More

April 23, 2013

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, the First Japanese to Appear on Main Stage of the Largest US Festival “Coachella”

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra appeared as the first Japanese artist ever on the main stage of “Coachella”, one of the world`s top level rock festival held on April 19th. It is a stage that prominent artists such as Radiohead, Coldplay, Prince, Madonna, Paul McCartney, and Muse has performed on, and for this year, Blur, The Stone Roses, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. On the stage that only these chosen artists are allowed to stand, Ska Paradise stood as a representative of Japan.... Read More

January 1, 2011

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

In the late 1980s, a group of musicians rose from the Tokyo street/club scene, and called themselves, “Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (TSPO).” It was not long after that their overwhelming live performances attracted significant attention from Tokyo audiences, and the band released their first independent record, the vinyl only “TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA” with its now-famous yellow jacket. Ever since, the band has been pursuing its unique sound of “Tokyo... Read More