July 30, 2014

Live Generation X audition show Tsukiyoi takes the grand prize! “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei” concert in Taiwan this September!!

“Live Generation X” is a world-debut music audition show, put on by Faith Wonderworks,Inc., that is in collaboration with SYNC MUSIC JAPAN and Get Stage. The show just announced their final results, and the electro-pop duo, Tsukiyoi, took the grand prize. The duo will perform at “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei”, a Japanese pop culture event, in mid-September. What is Live Generation X? Live Generation X is a world-debut music audition show put on by Faith Wonderworks,Inc., that... Read More

January 1, 2011


Tsukiyoi is a duo that formed in 2011. Their music combines electro-pop, tradition, and avant-garde. Kou actually plays the koto, and Tetsu creates various musical worlds. They debuted with “ROKUDAN”, an ambient arrangement of the 400 year-old koto song of the same name. The duo started featuring more songs with Kou’s vocals in 2012. 2013’s “AKAKU SAITE” was called a “very radical pop song” by England’s Electronic Sound magazine. “Transitory”, which... Read More