August 25, 2015

UNCHAIN’s “10fold” album digitally released worldwide

UNCHAIN’s “10fold” album has been digitally released worldwide via iTunes Store. The album was released on CD in June. It includes eight remakes, including their flagship song “Show Me Your Height”, remade as “Get Ready (ex. Show Me Your Height)”. New songs such as “Kiss Kiss Kiss” and “Come Back To Me” are also included on this 10-song album. Sadaharu Yagi, who has worked as an engineer on works by Limp Bizkit and Ricky Martin, produced the sound of... Read More

January 1, 2011


Unchain was formed in Kyoto in 1996. Later, they moved into Osaka and began playing live gigs there. They progressed musically and put out demo songs on Compilation CD’s and started to work on their mini album, with their guitarist now not just a support member. He joined the band for the production of the mini album “The Space of the Sense” which was released on June 8, 2005. They have been playing shows and putting more of their songs on compilation works since then.... Read More