Announcing the arrival of Yoshiki’s solo world tour to Japan!

Yoshiki will be performing in Tokyo for the first time in 12 years, and will be staging his first ever performance in Osaka! On April 3rd (in Tokyo), Yoshiki of XJAPAN announced the release of his first solo world tour (#YoshikiClassicalWorldTour), and will finally be performing in Tokyo, Osaka, and Taipei, adding to his performances in the US, Mexico, Russia, Germany, France, England, China, and Thailand. Last year, Yoshiki’s first solo album in almost 8 years, “Yoshiki... Read More

For the First Time in History, YOSHIKI Plays with Virtual YOSHIKI Visualized by Hologram! Finally, The Performance Will Be Published on YouTube!

On March 14th (CT), Yoshiki from X-Japan made his first appearance at the world’s largest music convention, SXSW(South by South West), and the performance ended as a big success. After the event, America’s leading fashion magazine “FLAUNT” hosted a party, and there were two of Yoshiki’s crystal piano. This history-making performance by Yoshiki and virtual Yoshiki by hologram surprised all the fans and impressed all the attendees. Now this double Yoshiki... Read More

YOSHIKI, Introduced His Mourning Song to All Disaster Struck Area of the World & Great Performance with Virtual YOSHIKI

On March 14th (Texas Local Time), YOSHIKI of X JAPAN attended the SXSW (South By South West), one of world`s largest music convention, for the first time. SXSW is the world’s largest event consisting Music, Film, and Interactive, and is held every year in March at Austin of Texas, USA, and this will be their 28th year. YOSHIKI announced his first Solo World Tour on February 19th at the Grammy Museum of Los Angeles. He had been offerd from the SXSW sponsor many times, and... Read More


On February 19th, the GRAMMY Museum unveiled their Yoshiki exhibit which puts the influential rock icon’s signature crystal piano, flamboyant wardrobes, and other items on display. The exhibition explores Yoshiki’s fascinating career and follows the museum’s unique collection on Ringo Starr. Yoshiki is the first Asian artist to be honored with an exhibition by The GRAMMY Museum. Last night – which was hosted by comic book legend Stan Lee and head of music at William Morris... Read More

YOSHIKI Releases Special Edition SL150 Headphones

In commemoration of the release of YOSHIKI’s special edition headphones, “SL150 YOSHIKI special edition,” by the American headphone brand SOUL, YOSHIKI made an appearance at BICLO BIC CAMERA, Shinjuku East Exit Branch on December 12. He held a release event that was attended by a large gathering of fans. The SL150 YOSHIKI special edition headphones went on sale on December 18, but on the day of the event, a total of 150 pairs were offered for sale, and the 150... Read More

hide Tribute Album Finally Completed

It has been announced that the two hide tribute albums, “hide TRIBUTE VI –Female SPIRITS-“ and “hide TRIBUTE VII –Rock SPIRITS-“, would both be released on December 18. For the “female SPIRITS” album, 10 female artists including KUMI KODA, Yuki Koyanagi, Thelma Aoyama, MAY’S and Kanon Wakeshima will be participating to resurrect hide’s “SPIRITS” in new colors. On the other hand, the “Rock SPIRITS” album will feature a powerful lineup including Kinniku... Read More

LUNA SEA Reveals Cover Artwork For New Single “RUN”

The cover artwork for LUNA SEA’s new single, “RUN”, to be released on November 13, has been revealed. The 18th single for the band, “RUN”, is the band’s first single release titled in Japanese. The title track is the opening theme song for the TV drama series, “Toshi Densetsu no Onna”, which began airing on October 11. Due to the request from the drama side, the song was written under the inspiration from the character, Tsukiko Otonashi, portrayed by Masami Nagasawa.... Read More


World Renowned Musician Collaborates With Sir George Martin, London Philharmonic & Others Yoshiki Classical, the new record from the world-renowned classically trained multi-instrumentalist/composer/musician Yoshiki, debuts at #1 on the iTunes Classical Music chart in 10 countries around the world – Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Finland and Japan. It also made Top 10 in the USA (#2), Norway (#2), Australia (#6), France... Read More

hide Live Documentary Film to be Screened in Ten Countries

It was previously announced that live documentary featuring footage of hide’s September 8, 1996 outdoor performance at Chiba Marine Stadium will be screened at movie theaters all over Japan. It has now been decided that this documentary film will be screened in ten countries all over the world. “hide ALIVE THE MOVIE -hide Indian Summer Special Limited Edition-” will begin screenings on October 12, 2013. Following various offers from countries all over the world... Read More


Sold-Out Debut Performance at LAʻs Grammy Museum New Music Now Online “‘Amethyst is beautiful. I mean if it were in a film, it would be an Academy Award winner. No doubt about that.” – Sir George Martin “‘The Golden Globe Theme’ is a string-drenched, sweeping affair that — be honest! — may raise a goose bump or two.” – Huffington Post The anticipated new album from Yoshiki entitled Yoshiki Classical is now available... Read More