July 7, 2015

X JAPAN Releasing Their First Album After 20 Years on March 11th! CD Release Event “#XDAY” Announced!

You might remember X JAPAN from their performance at Madison Square Garden in New York last year. At the main stage of “JAPAN EXPO” in Paris, France, on July 4th, The band leader, YOSHIKI, announced they are releasing their first studio album in 20 years on March 11th 2016. Also, another concert project will be held on March 12th at a traditional venue in UK, as legendary as Madison Square Garden in US, SSE ARENA, WEMBLEY. At the same time, there will be a documentary film... Read More

June 1, 2015

YOSHIKI as a LINE stamp. English version in the works leading up to world tour

YOSHIKI (X JAPAN) LINE stamps are now for sale via the LINE STORE “Creator’s Stamp”. This is the first time that YOSHIKI has been digitally distributed as a digital content original character. The stamp is now available as Japanese version, but an English version will also be released as YOSHIKI’s world tour approaches. There are 40 different stamps, including YOSHIKI with a microphone and YOSHIKI on drums. Interactions between fans are sure to surge because of this... Read More

April 10, 2015

Yoshiki’s Prediction “Humans will Compete Against AI’s compositions”.

“New Economy Summit 2015” was held by Japan Association of New Economy on April 8th (Wed). Along with notable names from different industries including George Roberts (KK & Co. L.P. Co-founder, CEO), Drew Houston (Dropbox Co-Founder, CEO), Larry Ellison (Oracle Corporation CEO, CTO), Shinya Yamanaka (a Noble Prize Winner for Stem Cell Research at Kyoto University Institute of Science and Technology), Yoshiki joined the conference as a guest speaker. Yoshiki played on... Read More

January 22, 2015

X JAPAN fans are No.1 in American popular vote

X JAPAN is currently in the No.1 spot for “2014 Most Devoted Fans” popular vote for America’s Loudwire. 2014 Most Devoted Fans: http://loudwire.com/most-devoted-fans-2014-4th-annual-loudwire-music-awards/ Last time, a “CAGE MATCH” fan battle was held where X Japan went head-to-head against In Flames, Jane’s Addiction, Bush, The Used, and Black Veil Brides. They won five straight online battles. This time seems the same in that X Japan is significantly surpassing... Read More

November 4, 2014

Yoshiki Performed the Worldly-Known Japanese Character, Hello Kitty’s Official Theme Song for the First Time!

Yoshiki just had a successful performance at Madison Square Garden in New York and just made another history of performing his own composition of Hello Kitty’s official theme song at the world’s first Hello Kitty convention held in Los Angeles on October 29th. Yoshiki has already had some collaboration character with Hello Kitty, called Yoshikitty, and this dates back to the offer from Hello Kitty’s designer Yuko Yakaguchi in 2007. Yoshiki is also known for... Read More

September 24, 2014

X JAPAN’s Madison Square Garden Concert Will Be Live-Viewed in Theaters!

X JAPAN will perform at Madison Square Garden on October 11th(Sat) (October 12th 9AM JP time) and the show will be on screen as live-view in theaters all over Japan and overseas. The live-view is to be held not only in Japan but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mexico, and moreover, requests from France, Peru, Columbia are following. October 11th 2014 will mark a historical day for both X JAPAN and for their fans, and also will be a milestone for the band’s future. This is... Read More

September 20, 2014

X JAPAN fans can win tickets with #WeAreXposed contest

X JAPAN announced #WeAreXposed contest. Fans can win the ticket of Madison Madison Square Garden Concert with posting photo to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #WeAreXposed #Xposed. Contest Info and Rules: http://xposexjapan.com Madison Square Garden Concert October 11th (Sat) 08PM Madison Square Garden, New York, NY Ticket : http://bit.ly/xjapanMSGny #XjapanMSG X JAPAN Official Website: http://www.xjapanmusic.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/XJapan Twitter: http://twitter.com/xjapanofficial Google+:... Read More

September 14, 2014

X JAPAN Yokohama Arena Concert on October 1st Will Be at Theaters for Live-Viewing !

X JAPAN Yokohama Arena Concert was sold out within a second! For fans who couldn’t get the tickets, the show can be live-viewed at theaters all over Japan. X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2014 at YOKOHAMA ARENA LIVE VIEWING Date: October 1st(Wed) 7PM venue: Theaters in Japan *Open time varies depending on the venue. Price:4,000 yen (All Seats Reserved/tax in) Ticket [Pre-order] September 13th (Sat) 12PM-September 15th (Mon/Holiday) 11:59PM [E-plus] http://eplus.jp/xjapan2014-lv/ (PC... Read More

August 21, 2014

Live Broadcast of X JAPAN Toshi Special Live on nico Live

It was announced that the Live image of “CRYSTAL ROCK NIGHT SUMMER LIVE IN DAIBA Mirai wo EYEshiteruze” by CRYSTAL ROCK KNIGHTS will be broadcasted Live on “NicoNico Live Broadcast”. CRYSTAL ROCK KNIGHTS is a rock band lead by Toshi of X JAPAN. In this Live will be a special one, singing, not only solo songs of Toshi, but also songs of X JAPAN and hide, his good friend. Not only that, but special images of Toshi and the band members will be broadcasted before this the... Read More

August 7, 2014

X JAPAN Japan Show Announced!

2014 marks the memorial year of 25th anniversary for X Japan since their debut in 1989. With their first worldwide best album release, X Japan will hit the arena after 18years’ silence. Fuel them up before New York Madison Square Garden Show! X JAPAN Japan Tour Dates September 30th (Tue) 2014 Yokohama Arena 6PM Open / 7PM Start October 1st (Wed) Yokohama Arena 6PM Open / 7PM Start Ticket Price S Seat 13,000 yen A Seat 12,000 yen B Seat 10,000 yen (tax in) Please note... Read More